A FNAF story | The pizzeria of fright.

A FNAF story | The pizzeria of fright.

I always loved going to Freddy's until the night where all whent wrong! Terribly wrong!

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The bite.

The bite.

If there's one thing I love, it's pizza! And if there's one good place for pizza, it's Freddy Fazbear's pizza!
For many years now, since I was 4, I loved going to Freddy's. The atmosphere there is warm and smelled of pizza, the arcade is always busy with teens playing video games day and night and the ball pit is constantly filled with young children screaming and laughing while the adults chat together on benches or chairs in front of tables covered in pizzas and drinks. I of course love the arcade and ball pit and all the other games, but these are not my favorite part of the pizzeria, what I prefer is without a doubt the numerous animatronics that animate the restaurant. First there's Chica who walks around and serves children pizza, Bunny and Freddy who play music on the stage are always a good fun to watch, Foxy is also very funny joking around with his pirate voice and of course, Balloon Boy who gives balloons to all the boys and girls.
I love all these robots of course, but, I have to admit that ever since I first came here it always felt like they where watching us and they also looked a bit creepy with there big animatronic costumes, there was even once where I could have sworn there was blood dripping from their mouths but I dismissed it as tomato sauce as children liked having an occasional food fight.
So on the night of my 13th birthday we decided to go and reserve the whole pizzeria for just me and my friends (yes they had private night offers), we where all very exited: There was Anna my little sister, Jack my best friend, and Tommy second best friend. Since we were alone in the whole restaurant we decided to explore the place before eating. We started with the kitchen, it was big, damp, and smelly and probably the weirdest thing of all was that there were no cooks at all.
"Weird." I said "Who is making our pizzas and beverages?"
We were very puzzled but decided that they where probably having a break or something, so we went off and found and long dark passage next to the kitchen with a few doors on the sides, we thought about looking into these rooms but then rejected the idea after hearing a strange metallic sound coming from behind one of the doors and decided to walk back to the main area where we were met with our meals that must had arrived while we where staring at the corridor, so we sat and began to eat.
After a few moments Tommy decided he wasn't hungry, "I'm going to check out Chica" he said "OK" answered Anna and we resumed our meals while Tommy headed towards the animatronic.
A few moments later we heard a loud scream that made our hair stand straight, we spun round towards the scream and found that Tommy who was sprawled on the floor by Chica crying while holding his hand which seemed to be spewing out blood all other the place and then we gasped as we noticed that a finger was in Chica's beak, my heart sunk when I realized that it was Tommy's pinky finger.
Jack then ran to a telephone called out for help, 10 minutes later an ambulance arrived and took Tommy to the hospital while our parents brought us back home where we stood in our beds wide awake thinking about what just happened.
A few days later I heard that Tommy had lost almost 1 liter of blood by the time he arrived at the hospital and that was inches from death but fortunately he got there in time and they stitched up where his finger had been, then on the news they announced that in consequence of the "bite" accident that Freddy's was going to close it's doors for good.
I was glad that they where closing down this place, but the thing is that for months after the event Tommy kept saying that it wasn't an accident and that the animatronic had deliberately bitten him.
It has been a year now and I was so happy that this was now all over, but I was wrong, things where going to get a lot worse!

Chapter 2 "Fredbear's Pizza" coming soon.
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