Advent Glitch and Natalie_X_x

One of my creepypastas. I hope that you can enjoy it and that it's interesting.

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Chapter 1.

How it all began

A very young girl at the age of 5 sat in the corner of her room overlooking her back-yard. Behind her lay her mother... but not. She lay dead behind the little girl who's name was Advent. The girl was smiling over the yard though, while she was 100% aware of her mom. Advent's red hair was in pigtails as she watched the birds outside she rocked her head back and forth. She never liked her mom in the first place, so she honestly couldn't care less.
All the sudden she heard foot step. Her father, she realized suddenly. When she remembered her mom lay behind her she screamed. But, a smirk remained deep on her face until her father reached the room. "What's wrong-" her father began, then stopped seeing her mother. "NATALIE!" he cried. He fell on his knees. "Daddy what's wrong with Mommy?" Advent said with fake sorrow,"Is she sleeping?" Her father looked up, his face raw with grief as he responded,"Sleeping... Mommy's only sleeping... she wouldn't wake up anytime soon..." He responded as he ran out of the room and towards the kitchen where there was a phone.
Advent could here him talking to someone. Probably a doctor. "Yes. Hurry as fast as you can" Pause. "Yes, that it, hurry."Pause. In a lower voice he added, "she might already..." his voice trailed on as he hung up. Advent came onto the stairs and looked at him with wide eyes. "Mommy's not sleeping, is she?" Her father shook his head numbly as tears streamed from his eyes as a ambulance's siren could be heard outside.
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