Bullied (1)

Bullied (1)

True story, based off of 2 real teens.. since our stories have already been released..

published on November 05, 201540 reads 17 readers 3 not completed
Chapter 1.


(Note from Marcus; I gave my password to Silvia so she could write all of this, since I have horrible grammar... k.)

Marcus isn't his real name.. His real name is, Nick..
Nick is 14 and has been bullied half of his life..
Nick and I have been friends since grade 1..
Nick can't get a girlfriend. Nobody likes him..

Recently, Nick met a girl named Kira.. Kira liked Nick and they started dating.. However, Kira was using Nick to get to me.. She used to slap me and tell me to stay away from Nick.. So I did..

On November 4th, I told Nick about how she treated me and they broke up.. Now she joined Qfeast and wants to blackmail us... She wants revenge..

Her name is DexTraStorm.. We need your help to report her and get her off of qfeast before me and Marcus are destroyed.. please, we can't do this alone..
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Comments (3)

Thanks everybody.. It means a lot
on November 06, 2015
i have am going through family crap right now, and to @DexTraStorm you don't know what these people are going through you really have got some nerve to come on here and bully innocent people just think about what would you do if you got bullied i understand your probably angry at someone but that's no use to tale it out on someone honestly you dont kn ow how See More▼
on November 05, 2015
@DexTraStorm, sounds like a real bitch :0, I think she is just jealous though:P
on November 05, 2015