The Angelic Demons

Two girls were always abused, has alcoholic parents, and felt unworthy. Now, these girls are in a mansion with an elderly who took them in. (Warning: Foul Language)

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Two Newbies

"The cops are chasing the assassin down First Avenue. Please keep your doors and windows locked until further noticed."

Bullets whizzed passed me as I ran to the woods. I looked behind me to see that the cops had caught up. I was quite impressed due to the fact that they are usually slow. The sad part is that I'm on foot and their in vehicles! I giggled, looking ahead and began to take sharp turns. After a while my mind began to wander off.

A little girl was wondering around looking for her mother. Something hard hit her back making her collapse. She looked behind her to see her father holding a belt. "D-Daddy what are y-you doing...?" The little girl said frightened. The father just stared at her frightening her even more. He started to take steps towards her. The little girl didn't know what to do. She was paralyzed. The little girl was about to scream until another strike from her father's belt made her head snap to the left."

~End of Flashback~

I felt a sudden surge of pain in my right leg. I yelped, falling to the ground. My quick reflexes had allowed me to catch myself before hitting the hard ground. I was very quite impressed that they had shot me, but that didn't stop me from escaping. I entered the woods and the cops sirens has quieted down. I was glad that I had finally lost them. They had got on my nerves. I began walking back to the mansion where it had all began.

I was laying down on my bed when a knock was heard from my door. "Come in." I said sighing. Storm walked it looking mad as ever. "What's wrong with you?" I asked, throwing a knife up in the air. "Old lady wants us to welcome two new girls and we have no choice but to do it. If not, we will be " punished" by the The Demonic Phoenix." Storm says groaning. I giggled, sitting up. "I thought the so called badass doesn't listen to anybody." I said laughing, which caused me to get punched in the arm. "On serious note, you know the The Demonic Phoenix are dangerous assassins. We shouldn't be messing with them." Storm looked at me. I raised my eyebrow. "What happen to you? Like seriously, what the hell!" I smirked shaking my head. "Nothing changed, Storm. I promise. I had to learn this for my training to be a leader. I have to know stuff AND so do you." Storm looked at me like I was crazy. "Why? That's too much work. Ugh!" Storm says groaning. "You will need to because if I'm not around you will be in charge." Storm groans. "Fineeee." I stood up stretching. The intercom made a loud bing noise making my ears ring. "Roxanna Dakota Lycoania and Storm Lynn Rosette. Please come to the main hall." Storm and I groaned, walking to the main hall. As soon as we got there we saw two girls. One had brown hair with brown eyes. The other one had the same hair and eyes. "Girls, meet Nicole Lynn Rose, and Ann Renee Smoke." The elderly says. I nodded at the girls knowing not to do anything stupid to get myself in trouble with the elderly. Storm... Just huffed at them. I glared at her making her whisper back 'Eat my Foot, bitch'. I sighed and gestured for the girls to follow. I definitely knew this was going to be a long day... Especially with Storm being a pain in the ass.
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