And Then There Were None (qfeast drama)

This is the qfeaster drama version of...lots of stuff dat has happened recently. DOn't take offense. It's a joke. It might not make sense, and I assure you dat you have a 1 percent chance of being in here.

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Chapter 1.

The Rhyme

Ten little qfeasters setting out online.
One faked its dubious death and then there were nine.

Nine little qfeasters staying up quite late.
One brought up old drama and then there were eight.

Eight little qfeasters mind full of confusion.
One claimed she's partying and then there were seven.

Seven little qfeasters ready with tricks.
One got debunked and then there were six.

Six little qfeasters straining to survive.
One catfished ineptly and then there were five.

Five little qfeasters laughing to their core.
One was quite petty and then there were four.

Four little qfeasters being rather jolly.
One brought her abusive self and then there were three.

Three little qfeasters having an issue.
One stooped too low and then there were two.

Two little qfeasters feeling like stone.
One stirred aristocracy and then there was one.

One little qfeaster remaining all alone.
It got too prissy...

And then there were none.
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