-Fallen Angels- part 1

I keep on forgetting my password e.e so, this is about a girl named Umbra, with an unexpected life. This isn't about her whole entire life of course o-o err. WHAT A BORING DESCRIPTION :D

published on March 11, 20150 reads 0 readers 0 not completed
Chapter 1.


I opened up my eyes, realizing it was just 5:21 AM. I wake up pretty early if you see time fling from one place to another. I dragged my zebra striped blanket off my bed, rolling onto it. I walked to the bathroom, and grabbed some hairspray. I sprayed it on my midnight violet brush, then placed my brush through my long, silky, black hair. I pulled the brush down quickly, since my hair was pretty smooth. I put the brush down as I finished, and brushed my teeth. My icy blue eyes looked at the reflection in the mirror. Suddenly, I threw the toothbrush right in the little pot.
I walked out, storing things for school in my touhou-themed backpack. I raced outside, realizing it wasn't even 8:30 yet. I stared at my watch, noticing I had much more time left. I slid to my chair, grabbing a red notebook from my bookshelf. It was titled in curstive, Diary of Umbra. I flipped to a blank page, and grabbed my pen. I wrote, 6-12-2019, I woke up and did the same crappy things, but something came to mind. I realized something. Could be written in my diary, so here it is, hours are long, months are longer, years are longest, and loneliness is forever. I finished writing, and dropped my pen into my writing kit. I got up from my chair, and looked at my watch. 6:03 AM. I sighed boredly, rushing to my room and changing into a black t-shirt and some jeans. I then put on my grey and blue tennis shoes.
I wondered what to do as I sat on my couch, the only sound heard was the ticking of the clock. I lived alone, even though I was young. About 16. I scooted to the small table next to my couch, and grabbed my phone. I checked my unread messages, and put my phone down. I reached for the remote, and grabbed it. I then turned on the TV, and began watching The Walking Dead. I've a always liked it for some reason.
A couple minutes passed, and I looked at my watch. 6:34 AM. I suddenly heard a knock at the door. I went to open it, but no one was there. I checked around, suspicious of my surroundings. Still, no one was there. I sighed, until I realized...blood on the door knob.
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