3rd Grade

This is not the story of my 3rd grade year, but my childrens. Seeing as one day, they'll stroll along to 3rd grade themselves, my mind has been filled with pictures of this! So this is how I hope their year will go.

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Jessielyn, the name I have picked for my daughter, will be a bright and beautiful wallflower. She will often burry herself in the blue beanbag chairs with a good book. I expect one of her favourites will be The Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard.
She will trip over the sea turtle carpet infront of the chalkboard everytime she quivers towards it. She will draw realistic ponies during the first semester, unfocused on all of her lessons. I will have to beat her with the kupner for failing and coming home with low behavior scores.
She will threaten a prissy blonde with safety scissors. The teacher will catch wind as the girl screams. She will be sent to the principal and stay quiet all throughout the questioning and shouting.
She will chip her baby tooth by tripping and having her mouth crack down on the back of a chair in school.
She will not have a crush.
She will make an instagram account in the third grade and begin an online friendship with a north carolinian 5th grader.
Every year, Jessielyn will try to invite the girl to her birthday parties and drone on to no end.
Her shyness will become stronger as she grows, but so will her emotions. She'll become a tough and cold hearted business woman.
She will console her life long friend after her divorce and never marry.
Her teacher's name will be Ms. Karles

Jonessa will be placed in a different class better suited for children with severe psychotic episodes. She will hear things when nobody else does and get very little sleep. She's a well behaved girl who will never get in trouble for falling asleep in class, because her eyelids dont seem to exist to anyone else! She will often come home and remain indoors where she can activate her imagination through games such as Clue.
Although she's not as fierce as her sister, she can still rock through!
She will be very kind and honest with her classmates. However she will stop short of describing her awoken sense of spirits. She will have many coughing fits during class to the point that she will be sent home once.
Her teacher's name will be Ms. Mayers
Jonessa will be held back on account of her social skills not seeming developed.
Jonessa will never talk to Jessielyn out of fear.

Im very excited to bring up both of my kids in this wonderdul world.
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