An awkward girls blog..

An awkward girls blog..

You guessed it this isn't so much a story but a blog. I want this to be somewhere I can express my feeling anonymously, I will also post pictures of my photos. No people shall be in them, for anonymity. I want to keep this place our safe corner of this internet where we can be ourselves.

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Chapter 1.
A warm welcome

A warm welcome

Hi to anyone that is actually reading this.
I know not many people will because I'm plain and average but I set this up so people can read this and express how they feel too. I hope I'm not the only one wanting to actually do something about teenage life.
So I'm a teenage girl with a lot of difficulties with GCSE's coming up. For anyone that doesn't know GCSE's are kind of major important exams. I still don't know what I want to do when I'm older. Maybe work with animals or do something creative, there is so many choices and I still have no clue. I hope I'm not the only one.
Also the fact that we have so much stress piled on to us, along with the fact that girls are meant to look perfect all the time really comes as a struggle. Especially to the girls like me who feel they are not as perfect as all their friends. I have learnt now that we are all perfect in our own way we just have to realise that.
It is also the time for me to be dealing with friendship drama, boy drama and any other type of drama. My advice to that is stay away from it. I try my best to but it doesn't always happen that easily. So I stick with my closest friends (which tend to be boys) and my boyfriend and problems usually work themselves out. However if things get out of hand I turn to an adult I trust. It always help me resolve a situation.
So this is going to be our safe corner in the internet to talk about how we really feel. I will try to update you everyday and I will usually focus on a specific topic you want me to. If that's bullying, girl problems, boy problems, or school stuff I'll try and help.
I am also setting up a page called an awkward girls blog page so you can post stuff there to and ask for advice there. Please feel free to message me if you want to ask a question I can address in the blog or if you're confident enough post a question in the comments.
I would love your feedback on how I can make this blog better and how you guys can help overcome your own problems. We're all in this together.
Please comment about what you think of all the struggles of being a teenage girl.
I love you all
Awkward girl
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