This ia about the cute imp from Legend Of Zelda Twilight Princess, what happend after all the chaos, nut she can still turn into a imp. :3

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Chapter 1.

Midna In The Twilight Realm

      Midna woke up with monstrous birds flying outside her castle. She yawned.  She got up, and turned into her imp form. She then put her fused shadow on. As she walked out, she flew up into the air, and she grabbed her pet wolf with her hair/hand. (Her hair can turn into a hand) It started raining, as Midna loved. The wolf whimpered as hail hit his dark black pelt. Midna put her hair over her wolf, so he wouldn't het hurt by the chunks of hail.

           Midna jumped excitedly up. "Do you want to be put down over in some dry place, Twi?" Midna asked Twi, her wolf. Twi shook his head, yes, and almost fell on his belly jumping down from that height. Midna dodged the hail, it was a fun sport. After she lay down near Twi, a voice suddenly boomed from above. "How are you, Midna? It's REALLY raining hard today!" Midna turned to see Zant hovering above her. "Arrohf!!" Twi said. In wolf language,  he said, "You scare me!" "Jump attack? Failed." Midna teased. "I actually TRIED that time!" Zant complained.  There was a big crackle or thunder, and a purple light sneered down and touched the ground, almost hitting Midna and Twi. "Rrrrrrrr..." Twi threatened the sky. "Hahaha!!! He thinks he can "destroy" the lightning! Ha! I wanna see him TRY!" Zant laughed, understanding wolf language.  "How do you... OH YEAH! I taught you wolf speak.. Forgot!" Midna joked.  There was a sound of a portal opening,  and Midna gasped.  " Link!!!!!!!!"
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Not an imp
on October 17, 2015