Have you ever watched "Always Watching: A Marble Hornets Story". Well this is like it. If you liked that scary movie then you will like this! :3 Comment If you like it! AKA this is in first person view, I did not actually do does things in the story. I am a girl and not a boy, first person view is based on a 14 year old boy. Age:16 and up Parental Guide: Violence:2/10 Drinking,Drugs,smoking:4/10 Sexiness: 6/10

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Chapter 1.

The Romantic Part

Long Ago, He appeared at a 5 year old boys house and him and his family moved because of slender man but he followed, now him and his family is over 80 years old dead! I just found that out online.

I said "Goodbye" to my mom and left the house. I went over to my best friends house and knocked on the door. He came out in jeans with no shirt on and said "what! I just got up from my beauty sleep!". I responded "Get a shirt on, Hey I searched up about Slender Man". Tyler then said "Want to come in? and find out if he is real". I responded "yes sir capt'n". Tyler made a remark "I am not you Sir Cap Now come!" I came in, we both ran upstairs. He said "go ahead and show me about SM (Slender Man)." I responded "sure". He went to his bathroom in his room and put on his shirt. He ran out and sat on his bed to wait for the articles about SM to come up. I showed him, and he said "Lets Go Put A Cam Up Around Our Homes, K? I responded "Alright, but if we get in trouble its your fault." We went to the store and bought cams for our houses we also got 2 sodas and ice cream. We drank the soda and then went home to put up camera's. We asked our girlfriends to go out with us to a bar. Alyssa Said "Sure,Babe! and Taylor, Alex's Girlfriend said "Sure, Is your best dude Tyler coming? I responded to my girlfriend "yes babe, of course what ever you would like." Me and Tyler got dressed. Tyler wore a black and white tuxedo with a Black tie. I wore a Black and white tux with a red tie. Our girlfriends texted each other and typed "what are ya gonna wear?" Taylor Said "wait and see, girl". Taylor put on a dark red glittery dress with black high heels. Alyssa put on a royal blue dress with silver high heels. Tyler said "I'm go'in out mom". She said "Be romantic and sweet to your girlfriend, and have fun OK? He went to pick up his girlfriend Alyssa. He knocked and she opened it and he said "you look beautiful babe". She kissed him and they went to the bar. I picked up my girlfriend and said "Hey Babe, How are you?". She said "good beauty". We went in the bar and sat by Tyler and Alyssa. Tyler and I got beer and got our girlfriends wine. It cost 20$ but we would do any thing for our girlfriends. I put my arm around Taylor and we talked. Tyler got up and kissed his girlfriend on the cheek then went to give the money. Tyler picked up his girlfriend and put her down by the table. They sat down and waited for their drinks. I took my girlfriends hand and we walked to our table.
We drank 3 cups of beer and wine. Tyler and Alyssa got their drinks and all of us went home. We saw something on the road after we dropped our girlfriends off and kissed them. It looked like a man in a tux with no face. What both of us did not know is that it was following us and it was Slender Man!
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wow! this is so good! You're very detailed!
on October 26, 2020