I was bored, Ok? Sorry if it's bad and/or edgy. If you want to make this a comic (Idk why you would, It's shit) Please ask me first and give me credit for the story.

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This is probably gonna be the only chapter lmao

vSans and papyrus had just finished setting up for a sleepover they were hosting.

Well, More like PAPYRUS finished.

"so, when's everyone gonna show up?" Sans asked. "I'M SURE THEY'LL BE HERE SOON!"

Somebody knocked at the door. "OH, THERE'S ONE NOW!" Papy ran over to open the door to see Mettaton and Alphys.

"H-hey, Papyrus! We got y-your invinta-"

"IM SURE WE WILL BOTH HAVE FUN HERE." Mettaton interrupted. Mettaton, That's frickin rude. He casually entered, Beginning to search a bag he was carrying.
"WHAT'S THAT?" Papyrus asked, Approaching.
"STAND BACK A BIT!" He set something down. It unfolded into a piano, Which he sat down on. He tilted the bag over and..two people fell out of it.
"AGH! COUSIN, WHAT THE [This is a family friendly TV show!]?! I TOLD YOU NOT TO DO THAT!" Angry Android got up, Dusting(lol) himself off. And guess who came in through the freakin TV.
"Hey." It was chara.
"who invited you?" Sans glared at her, Wondering who decided to invite the FREAKING MURDERER. Napstabot was the last to get up.
"o..oh..were we..not invited..? sorry.."
"IT'S OK, NAPSTA! EVERYONE IS WELCOME TO THE GREAT PAPYRUS' SLEEPOVER!" Someone else knocked- oh god its undyne and frisk


"wait, again?"
Frisk had gone to socialize with everyone and was clinging to Mads' leg.

"HUMAN." Angry shook his leg to try and get her off. "TINY HUMAN WHAT ARE YOU DOING"

Undyne was carrying some bowls. "I BROUGHT POPCORN!" It was burnt to the point where it's hard as rocks. "POPCORN?" Mettaton chuckled. "THAT LOOKS LIKE ROCKCORN TO ME." She glared at MTT. "Could YOU do better?"


"That's a word coming from a WIMP."

He raised an eyebrow. "..WIMP? I'M NO WIMP."





"WHY DON'T YOU SHUT UP!?" Mettaton kind of..punched her in the face. Well {FAMILY FRIENDLY.}  He instantly regretted his life choices.

"O-oh no. M-mettaton, Be c-careful!"

Undyne carefully got up and tackled him. Soon they were actually fighting.

"h..hey..stop fighting, please.." Napstabot tried to speak up, But he was ignored.

"stop fighting..!" Still nothing.

"i said.."


Undyne froze midpunch. The entire house seemed to go silent.

" sorry..i" He slowly sunk to the ground, Covering his face.

"JESUS, BLOOKY." Mads looked a little surprised. "THAT WAS A BIT LOUD COMING FROM YOU."

Chara was clapping. "Do it again. This time with more killing."

Undyne attempted to eat some of her rock corn. When she did, Her...teeth started to chip. "UNDYNE, THAT POPCORN IS BURNT. JUST-JUST LET ME DO IT." Mettaton began to get up to walk to the kitchen.

Undyne grabbed a handful of the rockcorn and threw it at mettaton. He locked in place and slowly turned around.
"..WHAT WAS THAT FOR?" She threw another handful.
"QUIT IT." And another. At one point, Mettaton grabbed a bowl of the stuff and threw it at her before entering the kitchen. Undyne sighed.
"He just doesn't know how to make PROPER popcorn." That's when there was another knock. Flowey and toriel.
"Why do I have to be here?"
"Because we were invited, Flowey. It would be rude not to arrive." Toriel set flowey down on a desk. Alphys sat down and took out a movie labelled Inside Out.
"W-will this do for movie night..?"
"OF COURSE, ALPHYS!" Papyrus studied it for a moment. Mettaton had returned with..Actually pretty good looking popcorn.
"THE POPCORN'S DONE!" He smiled and set it down on the table. "don't you want any?" Sans looked up at him.
"You can't until you try!" Undyne tossed a handful of the rockcorn at him again. He was trying not to yell a curse word. To prevent this from happening, He shrieked into a pillow.
"O-Ok everyone! I'm gonna start the movie soon!" Alphys said.
"COOL!" Undyne practically rocket jumped to the couch, Kind of launching mettaton off of it. He landed on his feet.
"UNDYNE! WATCH IT!" She started to laugh aloud before being tackled. There was a metallic thud and a shout as mettaton shut down.
"...MTT?" Undyne frowned, Shaking him.
"D-Don't worry, Undyne. He shuts down sometimes."
"I-IS HE OK?" Papyrus rushed over.
"Y-yeah, He's ok!" Papyrus frowned, A..A little scared for him. Flowey began screaming at the top of his lungs.
"SPIDEEEEEEEER! KILL IT KILL IT ITS ON MY FACE OH GOD" Sans kind of just flicked it off. Mettaton slowly got to his feet.
"You s-shut down, Mettaton. You hit y-your head a little h-hard.." Flowey chuckled at mettaton's suffering. Sans smiled, Turning on the movie. After the movie, A few people were crying. Not all of them, Though.
"..holy crap." Sans was one of the ones crying.
"I-I didn't know it w-was that s-sad.." Alphys wiped away a tear. Flowey was sad. Meanwhile, Mettaton was completely unphased but comforting a crying papyrus.
"UNDYNE, ARE YOU CRYING?" She shot upright and quickly wiped off her tears.
"N-no! It's my weakness leaving my body- OK SO IM CRYING A LITTLE BIT." Mettaton snickered.
"I'm not made of stone." She huffed and looked away.
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