The Story Of Pearl

The Story Of Pearl

This is the story of Pearl and how she was born I made it up pleas enjoy.

published on March 29, 201617 reads 6 readers 0 not completed
Chapter 1.
Pearl Being Created

Pearl Being Created

So one night Yellow Diamond was put water in a pot and put salt in it and said "I have to make the perfect Pearl so this Pearl will be long to a good gem maybe Rose Quartz could have her" so then Yellow Diamond was done creating the Pearl and the pot began to glow and the ingrediants mixed together and then the Pearl came out and she said "huh what" and Yellow Diamond introduced herself and Pearl found Rose Quartz and Rose said "i'll take her Yellow Diamond let me train you how to fight your now a crystal gem"

They trained how to fight and Pearl tried summoning her weapon and it was a spear and Rose Quartz and Pearl went their fortress and Pearl said "what do you wish for" but then they saw gems flying over Rose's sanctuary ready to fight in a war so Rose and Pearl went to fight them and they successfully defeated them.
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