Passion of Lust

Passion of Lust

Claudia Biachri is an Omega. Her job is to help her mother take care of her youngest siblings. When her youngest brother runs out of the house, chasing after his ball, she chased after him. But when they run into three men that belonged to the army of the next heir of Rome, everything flipped. Claudia is taken from her younger brother's side and her younger brother told to go back home, to tell her mother and father that they are one child short. The 18 year old Omega is taken to the heir's place of residence and made into the Alpha's personal consort. What will happen when Claudia and the heir find out when they're meant to be mates? ((Pretty crappy Description. I know, Sorry! ))

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Chapter 1.


Claudia was running after her younger brother, Antony. "Antony! Get back here!" the Omega called. The small town seemed to completely empty. which confused her a bit. She held the skirt of her dress up enough so that she wouldn't trip over it. Once she grabbed her younger brother's arm, a loud whinny startled her and she pulled her younger brother closer to her. The young Alpha clung to Claudia as three men on pure white horses came into view. Claudia's gripped tightened on her little brother and she ducked her head once the scent of the Alpha's attacked her nose. Claudia flinched at the deep chuckled and bit her lip. "Well, What do we have here?" the one with a scar over his left eye asked, taking a riding crop and placing it under her chin, raising it. "A little Omega?" he asked. "Such pretty eyes, plump lips...freckles are a plus." Claudia blushed a bit and pushed away the riding crop. One with dirty teeth simply gave her a smile.  Claudia shivered slightly at the smile and hugged her little brother tighter.
Claudia attempted to back away and gently pushed her brother behind her. "Claudia!" Antony called, looking up at her. Claudia looked back at her brother and gave him a smile. She knew that her little brother was scared, and she could smell it. The Alpha with tattoos on his face smirked. "Don't be afraid little Omega, we won't hurt you." he said, his deep voice causing her to shiver in fear slightly. "You'll make a perfect little harlot of the heir." Claudia felt her head drop into her stomach as he said that. "We'll allow you to say goodbye to your brother, but be quick about it. The heir isn't patient." Claudia felt tears sting her eyes and she shook her head. "No! You can't take me away from my family!" Claudia cried, backing up. The man with the scar hopped off his horse and approached Claudia. "Oh yes we can. You belong to the heir now." he said, grabbing her arm and pulling her away roughly. "Let me go!" Claudia yelled, struggling. The man with the scar backhanded Claudia and said. "Be silent Omega. Know your place. Since you're not mated, you're free game. I could bend you over and claim you if I wanted. But the heir needs someone to keep his bed warm at night and since the other one died, you're the next candidate." He growled, flooding the air with dominance.  Claudia whimpered softly and tears fell down her cheeks as she ducked her head. Her arms were being yanked behind her and tied. "So you don't try and escape." he muttered.
She was forced onto the horse as her younger brother attempted to get her back. "Let her go you meanies!" he yelled, pulling at the man's foot. The man with the scar kicked Antony in the shoulder, causing the young boy to fall onto his butt and to cry. "Tell your parents that you're down a kid and that they're lucky that I didn't slit your throat for trying to take the heir's consort." Claudia looked at her younger brother who was sobbing loudly, his fists covering his eyes. She felt horrible, that she can't go back with her baby brother. Her mother was getting old, and she's not able to keep up the her baby brother's energy anymore and as a product of her aging, Claudia was put in charge of the child. What was going to happen to her brother when her mother dies? Was her father going to take care of him or re marry another Omega to take care of Antony. She sniffled a bit before watching her baby brother got smaller as the horses jogged away. "He's going to love you, but you need to be collared or at least get the tattoo of the heir." Claudia said nothing, only looking down at her lap. "You better be grateful, I could have murdered you." The man with the scar hissed.
It took a while, but they arrived at the lavish villa. All three men got off their horses and Claudia was yanked down from the horse. They went up the steps of the home and the one with the nasty teeth knocked, a male who wasn't even a year or two older than her opened the door. "We're here to see the heir." The one with Nasty teeth said, and he motioned with his head towards Claudia. "We have a gift." The young man nodded and opened it fully, allowing them in. Meanwhile, Agosto was in the study, looking over the papers that his father had sent him. A knock on the door caught his attention and he muttered. "Come in." The man with the scar entered, pulling the teenage girl with him. He bowed deeply and made the Omega do the same.  "Sir, The guards and I were coming back from Genoa when we passed through Portofino. This woman and a child were out, and as you said, we found you a personal consort. " Claudia was pulled up from her knees and was forced to look up.
Agosto pursed his lips a bit before looking her over,  Her doe eyes looked beautiful, even full of fear, he just wanted to run his hands and grab and yank those chocolate locks. Those plump little lips would looked perfect wrapped around his co- "Sir, Did we meet your standards?" The man with the scar asked. Agosto looked to the man and nodded. "Yes Giovanni, perfectly. But I have a question." The man with the scar, who she just learned that his name was Giovanni, straightened and asked. "Yes sir?" "Why did you tie her arms behind her back?" Agosto asked, squinting a bit. "She attempted to escape, so we- I - had to tie her arms." Agosto scoffed a bit and said. "Untie her arms and send one of the servants here so she can get fitted with the correct clothing and a collar." Giovanni did so and left, calling in a servent. When a servent walked in, she bowed and asked. "You called Master?" Agosto nodded once saying. "I want you to get her fitted for clothing, something that's easily acceptable, but not revealing. I want you to also fit her for a collar, nothing plain. I want something plain, but something beautiful." The female nodded and gently took her arm and pulled her along.
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