Clouds of Visions

Sibuna traded away his sight for godhood. He traded everything away for power. But will he abuse that power? Will the world around him fall apart because he couldn't save a girl?

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How it began..

"Sibuna? Are you okay?" a meek voice called out, muffled by a layer of cloth that covered their head, "Im fine Nep" the second, Sibuna, lied. His voice was like silk, cool and smooth, yet his words were laced with an iceyness. "Go back to sleep" he commanded, his eyes squeezed shut.
The younger nodded their head, letting their skull fall back onto the pillows. And soon enough, their eyes were shut as they drifted off into sweet slumber, their dreams filled with naive fantasies.
Sibuna sat on the edge of the small, shared bed, hands over his eyes. A piercing pain shot through the pupil and spread outwards. It took every ounce of his self control to not scream out in sheer pain. Silent tears ran down his pale cheeks, in a blood tinted colour. He removed his hands from his eyes, more bloody tears fell as he did so. He let his eyes force themselves open and from them came a gleaming light that brightened the entire room.
The light from his eyes made everything more clear. One would be able to see every indent in the mud walls around them, every speck of dirt that was the flooring of their home, every drop of blood that rolled down Sibuna's flushed cheeks.
His violently whipped his head towards his sibling, seeming almost desperate. "Sibuna?! What the hell!" his younger sibling screamed, scootong away from their brother in fear.
Sibuna sharply brought a fist down as clouds of visions flooded his mind. He closed his eyes, trying to hone in on the people in the visions.
There were two young kids, one with pale skin and pink hair and the other with tannish skin and black hair. The girl with pink hair flounced about in the river, trying to catch a fish. Her short legs sprayed water around her with every step, every pounce.
The darker haired one sat silently on the bank of the river, beside a cat whose fur was darker than his hair. His fingers nimbly flipped the pages of a book as his diligent eyes scanned every word, every metaphor, every sentence for hidden meanings.
Finally the young, pink haired girl pulled a fish out of the water. As she suffocated it, she threw it to the cat, who began to devour the fish.
The dark haired boy reached over, without looking away from his book, and attempted to pet the cat. The cat, in response, sliced open his hand with sharpened claws.
Anger rose through the tanned boy as he glared over at his sister. He licked away the blood that trickled down his hand, before standing up and angrily stomping to his sister. He ripped the crown of thorns that sat upon his head "Your dumb cat just fcuking injured me." he growled, his hands wrapping around the girl's throat. He threw her into the water, pushing her head under the surface. The girl struggled, her cries of help were instead a stream of bubbles. She clawed at his hand,wiggling and desperately tried to come free of his grip.
After some struggling, she broke free and despite her lack of air, she ran.
She ran as far away from her brother as she could.
Sibuna's visions faded away, the tears if his blood finally coming to an end.
He used his rag-like shirt to wipe away the crimson substance. "Sibuna... What happened" his sibling asked "A cloud of visions, Nephthys. A cloud of visions in a crowd of villains."
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