A Day In The Life Of MikasPrincess

A Day In The Life Of MikasPrincess

I haven't made one of these stories in a while, and I felt like making one, so I did. Enjoy!

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A day in the life of MikasPrincess!

I woke up this morning at 7am, which was quite early for me. I couldn't go back to sleep, so I picked up my tablet and went on Qfeast. Some people had replied to my comments on their posts, so I answered them, and then I just stalked people's walls and looked through the Qfeast home page to see if there was anything interesting. Then I felt like listening to Mika, so I listened to him for a while.

After a while, I decided to get up and eat breakfast. My parents weren't at home, because they were both at work. My dad would be back at lunchtime, but my mum wouldn't be home until 8pm, because she has a new job and works days now instead of nights. So I put my dressing gown on, and I went downstairs. I made myself a bowl of Frosties, and I made some coffee. I sat down at the table and ate my breakfast, and when I was finished, I went back upstairs.

When I went upstairs, I felt like having a shower, so I got everything that I would need for my shower out of the wardrobe. Then I went into the bathroom, and I had a shower. When I was done, I went back into my bedroom, and I dried and brushed my hair. Then I got dressed. Today I wore my favourite outfit, which is my 'I love you more than wifi' shirt with my black leggings and my plaid shirt. I also wore my favourite socks, which are my fast food ones, and I used my pineapple perfume.

After I had got dressed, I went back on Qfeast and made some posts on my wall about some things that happened to me at school yesterday, because I was confused and annoyed about a few things, and I felt like posting about them. Then my dad got home from work, and he said that we were going to go out somewhere. So I got my bag, and I went downstairs to put my shoes on. When my little brother and I were ready, we went outside and got in the car.

We were going to go shopping in a town that I liked going to, and it took quite a long time to get there. So I just daydreamed about Mika for most of the journey.

When we got there, we parked in the indoor car park, and we walked down to the shops. We had to go down a lot of stairs, and when we walked into the actual town, we went around the charity shops first.

And in one of the charity shops, I had a fangirl moment.

I was looking through the albums in one of the charity shops, and I thought that there wouldn't be any interesting ones. There were usually copies of Life in Cartoon Motion there, but I hadn't seen any. But then when I was looking through them, I suddenly felt the same feeling that I felt whenever I saw anything Mika related.

And guess what I saw. A copy of The Boy Who Knew Too Much.

When I found it, I really wanted to fangirl, but I couldn't, because my dad was stood next to me. So I just stood there, trying to act like I hadn't seen a Mika album. I kept looking at it, and I thought about how beautiful the cover of it was. It's actually my favourite cover of Mika's albums, because it just looks so amazing and beautiful. And Mika and his sister drew it all by themselves as well. Then my dad looked through the albums, and he saw the copy of The Boy Who Knew Too Much. I was scared that he would say something about Mika, but luckily he didn't mention anything.

Then I thought about how I didn't have a copy of it, and how I would probably never be able to get a copy of it, and I felt like a fake fan. I thought of how every other Mika fan had all of his albums and a lot more merchandise, and how much of a bad fan I was compared to them. It was so much easier for other people to get albums, because they are actually allowed to be a fan of things. I just ended up making myself feel really bad.

Then I went into a clothes shop, because I had got some really nice things from there before, and I thought that there would be more clothes that I would want to buy there. But when I went in, all of the clothes looked like they were made badly, and they weren't very nice. So I didn't get anything.

After going to a few more charity shops, I went into WH Smith's. I wanted to try and find Soulmates by Holly Bourne, because it was the only one of her books that I didn't have yet. I went to the young adult book section, and I didn't think I would find it, but I did! So I paid for the book, and then I put it in my bag and left the shop.

Then I went to Claire's, and I looked through the items that were in the sale. After a few minutes, I decided to get two things that I liked. I got a mascara and eyeliner duo, which had both in two ends of one tube, and I got a dark red lip gloss. I paid for them, and then I left the shop.

Then I went to this cool shop where you can get really good things for hardly any money. Usually when I go there, I end up buying a lot of random things for only about £1, just because I like them. Once, I literally bought six tins of mints and four lip balms from that shop, just because it was so inexpensive. But today I didn't actually find anything that I liked, which was kind of disappointing.

After I left that shop, I went back to the car park with my dad and my little brother, and we got back in the car. We drove to another town and looked around, but there wasn't really anything there, so we went to a different town.

When we got to the other town, we looked around the few shops that were there, and then we went to Morrisons to get lunch. I chose a tuna and sweetcorn sandwich for lunch, and then we also bought some flowers and wine for my mum, because today was my parents' wedding anniversary.

When we got back to the car, I ate my sandwich, and then we started to head home. On our way back, we went to the local shop in our town to buy something for tea. I chose a pepperoni pizza for myself. Then we paid for everything, and we went home.

Then I got back home, and I took the things I had bought out of my bag and put them in my room. I picked up my tablet again, and I went back on Qfeast. I made another post on my wall, and then after a while, my dad called me for tea, so I went downstairs.

I ate my tea, which was the pepperoni pizza with chips and salad, and I had some apple and cherry juice with it. It was quite nice.

After I had eaten tea, I went back upstairs to my room. I went back on my social media, and I saved more pictures of Mika from We Heart It. Then I went on Twitter, and I saw that one of my internet friends had made a post about Troye Sivan's new version of his song Wild that features Alessia Cara. So I asked her if she liked the song because of Troye or Alessia, and she said that she liked it because of Troye, but she would listen to Alessia. I said that she would probably like her, because she's a great person and she makes relatable songs, and my internet friend thanked me and said that she would definitely listen to her now. I said that she would probably like Here or Scars To Your Beautiful the most, and then she retweeted my tweet and didn't reply again. I think she was listening to Alessia to see if she does like her.

Then I finished writing one of the rants in my rant book, which was about the people at my school and why I dislike them. I've nearly done five rants now, which is how many I want to write before I publish my rant book on here.

After that, I went to bed. I listened to Mika for a while, and then I watched some of his interviews. His interviews are really funny, and I just love him so much.

Then I fell asleep at about 3am.
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