She has loved and she has lost. But when she lost herself, he brought her back.

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Chapter 1.

Dear diary (present)

December 18, 2016
Dear diary,

My whole life I had been a mess.
He made me sort my shit out.
He healed everything. My scars, wounds, heart, mind, soul. Every effing thing.
He helped me embrace my past, shape my future and enjoy my present.
But souls reside inside the entire body. Not at a specific place.
So, when he like a band-aid, enveloped my soul, he enveloped my everything.
He had become my everything.
My everything’s chuckle was the reason I had stopped crying. His eyes were always so tender, so warm. How can someone be so pretty and kind and loving and loved and not boast about it? How can anyone be so humble? How can anyone be like him?
Maybe, heaven realised its mistake. Angels aren’t meant for Earth. They deserve to be up-there. They deserve to smile, to be kind to us.
So, on the eve of December 12th, 2016, my everything left. Yup, you guessed it right. 6 days before. No, you don’t need to apologise. Its not your fault. He wasn’t sick. Not physically at least.
If god took him away from me then I would have fought with god to make him stay. But… he wanted to leave. He wanted to leave me alone. I couldn’t wrap myself around him.
I swear, I am not safe without him. He is not keeping me safe this way. I am not happy. I am depressed. I wish I would stop crying.
Talk to you later,

Melody didn’t close the diary, instead, she just stared at the open page. Her dark-brown eyes sorrowful, her mouth stiff.
She wasn’t reading anything, just looking at the page. The words didn’t make any sense anymore, everything was blurry.
What else could she talk about? What else could she think about?
Her very existence was because of him.
Him, his hugs were the best. Or maybe it were the kisses. The tender, soft kisses. Maybe, that is why she couldn’t forget him. He had marked himself on her.
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