Steven Universe The Story Of Sardonyx

Steven Universe The Story Of Sardonyx

This is how sardonyx came to be a fusion and Rose Quartz is involved in it.

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Chapter 1.
Two Gems and 5 Homeworld Gems

Two Gems and 5 Homeworld Gems

So Long ago on a planet called Earth there was this temple of a giant woman fusion and the temple had rooms in it with special missions for the gems and the gems bubble corrupt gems and try to figure out a way to heal them but they can't the leader Rose Quartz has healing tears and the second girl with glasses to cover her three eyes the fusion Garnet who is read has future vision and the small purple gem named Amethyst is from the kindergarten and the white girl Rose's best friend Pearl has a spear and knows how to sword fight like Rose but these gems call themselves the crystal gems and they face enemies from homeworld a planet that Rose Quartz and Pearl and Garnet used to live on but bretrayed a leader called yellow diamond so the gems went outside and then they saw 5 homeworld gems flying down and it was Yellow Diamond and Yellow Pearl which is Yellow Diamond's Pearl and a huge gem named Jasper and a gem with technology called Peridot and finally a good homeworld gem with sorcery water powers called Lapis Lazuli came down to fight Garnet summoned her gauntlets and Rose summoned her sword and Pearl summoned her spear and Amethyst summoned her whip and Jasper said "well hello Rose Quartz so good to see you again" Lapis said "oh I didn't want to come with you but you said we  

needed 5 homeworld gems including Yellow Pearl" Peridot used her laser and aimed it at Pearl but Rose summoned her shield and blocked the attack and Garnet attacked Yellow Diamond but she summoned a computer touch screen and blasted Garnet and then Pearl hit Yellow Pearl and Peridot said "you clods" a few hours later the crystal gems defeated them and then they returned to homeworld.
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