Hiding from Hydra

Hiding from Hydra

They have been here this whole time no one knows how long, all they know is you can’t trust anyone. SHIELD IS NO MORE HYDRA HAS TAKEN OVER!

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Chapter 1.
The Mesage

The Mesage

“No!” Laura woke-up screaming. “Hey, Hey! Laura its ok, you’re ok calm down.” said Bruce. Laura took a deep breath so she wouldn’t freeze everything around her and looked around. She was in her bedroom at Stark Tower and Bruce was sitting on her bed looking at her with his worried face. “I… where’s Katie and Kimberly, they, they were with me, right behind me when…” “Shhh, their ok, they’re in their rooms in bed asleep like you should be too.” “But…” before she could say anything else Bruce interrupted her again.

“Your hurt look at yourself.” Laura looked down at herself. She had bandages on her left wrist, a dislocated shoulder and a broken rib on her right side. Then she remembered she needed to say something very important. “You, you all need to know something, it’s very important that you know.” “Rest, then you can tell me and the others,” Bruce said, “now sleep and no arguing.” “Fine, I will.” Laura said as she lay down back to sleep.

6 hours earlier

“Laura, Kimberly come on were going to be late!” said Katie Fall (Laura and Kimberly’s best friend). The three girls Laura, Katie and Kimberly were heading off a helicopter and going to one of Shields secret bases entrance for that days training lesson and were running late. “Don’t worry Katie,” says Kimberly, “we are not going to be late, you just want to spot Agent Chang before he disappears.” Laura started to laugh and says, “Yah, we all know you secretly like him.” “Ha, Ha very funny Laura, we all know you like Thomas Heights, now come on were almost there!” The girls arrived just in time to see Agent Fred Chang disappear into the crowed surrounding Agent Dark, who would be teaching that days training lesson.

“Settle down now, settle down agents it’s time for today’s training lesson. I SAID SETTLE DOWN!” YELLED Agent Dark. The girls couldn’t hear a first because of the huge crowd talking at once, but when they all got quiet Laura, Katie and Kimberly did too. “Thank you, now…” Then the alarms started to blare and lights started to flash and people started running for the exits. Laura, Katie, and Kimberly did the opposite; they ran towards Agent Dark who was starring dumbly at the computer in front of him. “Sir,” Kimberly said, “we need to go now, the alarms…”but Laura and Katie stopped her and all three of them saw it.

A message.
“Out of the Darkness and into the Light”

“Hail Hydra”

Then a 30 second count down started. “We need to get out of here,” says Dark, “NOW!” They started to run, everyone else was out now and Laura, Katie, Kimberly and Agent Dark were almost to the exit. As soon as they were about 10 feet from the building, it exploded. The girls and Agent all blacked out in pain thinking they were going to die or are already dead.

7 hours later in the kitchen at Stark Tower.
All the Avengers except for Steve Rogers (Captain America) gathered around the kitchen to hear what Laura, Katie, and Kimberly needed to say. “HYDRA!” they said at once and started to talk about what happened at the same time. “Hold it, Hold it,” says Tony, “Did you just say Hydra!” “Yes!” the three girls said. “Hydras back and you don’t know why do you.” says Bruce. “Of course not,” says Natasha who just came back from the base that exploded with Clint, “they just woke-up from almost dying when the base exploded!”

“Hey,” says Clint, “no need to yell Tasha.” “No need to yell! Clint those girls could have died in that explosion! I can yell if I want to!” Clint and Natasha yelled at each other for about 5 to 10 minutes before Katie screamed for them to stop. “Thank you, that was starting to get annoying.” “So,” says Laura, “would you like to know what happened or not?” “We know what happened,” says Clint, “Agent Dark told us.”

“I’d like to know their view of the situation.” says Bruce. “Yah, me too,” says Tony, “Then if there’s a difference we’ll figure it out.” “Fine” says Natasha. So Laura, Katie and Kimberly told their story. Then Natasha and Clint summarized the story that Agent Dark pulled the alarm and saved everyone but the Laura, Katie and Kimberly tried to stay. “There both totally different views of what happened.” says Katie, “Which do you believe us three or Dark?”

“You three of course,” says Clint, “were a team we’ve got each other’s backs.” “Besides, we trust you more than Tony.” says Natasha. “Hey, I’m right here you know!” yells Tony. Everyone started to laugh but what they didn’t know is someone is watching them and that Agent Dark is one of the Hydra spy’s no one suspects that’s in Shield.
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