bad fire emblem fanfiction drabbles from january that i never finished.

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Chapter 1.


Ashe’s heart was racing as he walked up to the monk holding the advice box. Silently, she handed him an envelope.

Having done this before, Ashe knew that this would contain his answer on a slip of paper, the envelope only there for privacy. However in his case, this was not a private question. If all had gone as he’d hoped, then he really would want people to know about it.

He walked over and took a seat on one of the pews. Typically he wouldn’t sit there if only to pay attention to his own thing, but there wasn’t a service going on, so he wasn’t worried about it.

The fancy green wax seal was stamped with an image was so pretty that he almost felt bad about breaking it, but the content was important enough for such a sacrifice to be made.

“Dearest Writer,

To answer your question, yes, it would be acceptable for a student to start a book club.

However there are rules that must be followed regarding clubs. Meet me in my office when you have the time so that we can discuss such matters.

Best regards,

Ashe grinned and mentally high-fived himself.


Seteth looked up from his paperwork at the sound of footsteps. “Ah, hello Ashe.”

Ashe smiled. “Hey Seteth. I was curious about starting a book club.”

“Ah,” After setting aside his quill and ink, Seteth folded his arms and paid full attention to the conversation. “I suspected that you were the one who was asking about that. You can hold your club in the library on Sundays so long as you let me know who is in the club and what books you will be reading.”

“Thanks!” Somewhat giddy, Ashe began to leave.

“Just let me know if you have any questions.”


Now came the first step to starting the book club; assembling the members.

Ashe’s first plan was to go around and ask everybody individually if they’d want to join his book club
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