Vampire Darkness

Vampire Darkness

Lacee and her 4 older sisters and 2 older brothers are under attack from the Dark Council because of Lacee's power. Her siblings have sworn an oath to always protect her. Told from Lacee's point of view and her annoyance and love toward her family. When her and her family are kidnapped will Lacee protect them or will they all protect each other

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Chapter 1.
Wake Up

Wake Up

I am running through the woods and my mom is chasing me. I am laughing and giggling when she catches me as a round a corner. She picks me up and swings me around with a smile on her face.
"Wake up Lacee!" he says pulling back and looking at me with a straight face. Now I am really confused and then I realize that Bailee is trying to wake me up. I open my eyes and look up at the ceiling when she yells at me to wake up again.
"You promised you wouldn't enter my dreams Bailee!" I yelled at her when she walked into my room and opened up the blinds letting in some light. First let me clear the real quick and debunk a few misconceptions. Yes I am a vampire and no light doesn't hurt us, a stake won't kill us, garlic tastes amazing, and holy water is outside our churches. Its really funny when a guy approaches you with a stake and plunges it into your chest and you just pull it out and yet they try any way. Humans never learn ,but my name is Lacee.
I live in a mansion in Romania with my six siblings and I am the youngest. Now I am going to go back to my story of vampires and chaos.
" Come on! The trial is today you need to get ready." She snapped at me while she walked to my closet. She reached in and grabbed my black corset dress with silver pearls decorating the sweetheart neckline. She pulled out a pair of red heels and sat them on my chair.
"Here put this on and i will help you with your makeup and hair. " she told me helping me out of bed. I went into the shower and washed away my dream in sweet lavender and honey suds. Once out Bailee swarmed me and dried and straightened my hair. I walked out of the bathroom and put on the beautiful dress feeling the lacy material.
"Hurry up Lacee," Bailee yelled from the bathroom. So I walked in and she attacked me again this time with the makeup. She buffed, polished, smoothed, and fixed every tiny blemish on my face. She twisted my hair up into a bun leaving my bangs free.
"Perfect!" she said in Romanian and turned me toward the mirror. I was shocked into silence because not once had I ever looked like a grown up. I mostly wore frilly dresses and things teenage girls wore.
"Come on. Lets get you down stairs and fed." she said and led me out of my room and practically dragged me downstairs to show everyone her master piece.
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Comments (2)

This is so amazing!
on July 08, 2014
AHAHA i want Bailee as my sister
on June 28, 2014