Undertale - A New Beginning - Part 4

Undertale - A New Beginning - Part 4

In this part, Me, Toriel, Asriel, and Winter, all go on a trip with Asgore, Undyne, Papyrus, and Sans, to the Caribbean for a vacation and we make new friends along the way but something dark is out and is out for blood.

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Chapter 1.

Road trip

It's been three days since the party and Sans and Papyrus have invited Me, Toriel, and the kids on a vacation to the Caribbean and Sans also said they also invited Asgore and Undyne. "Toriel, we need to hurry or we're gonna be late for our flight." I said. "I'm trying to get the kids ready to go so give me a minute." Toriel said. I walk out to the car and load the bags and suitcases into the car and walk back into the house.
"Toriel, please tell me the kids are ready to go." I said. "Hold on we're coming, just wait in the car." Toriel said. I sigh and go outside and get in the driver's seat of the car and just as I start up the car I see Toriel and the kids rushing out of the house and into the car. "buckle up so we can go and not get a seat belt ticket, I have enough speeding tickets already." I said.
Everyone puts on their seat belts and I slam my foot on the gas and the car peels out of the drive way. "Now I know why you have so many speeding tickets." Toriel said. "well If we didn't have to pick up Sans and Papyrus, I wouldn't have to speed." I said. "Well at least slow down some." Toriel said. "Okay I'll slow down since you'll kill me if I don't." I said as the car slowed down.
"Text Sans and tell him to teleport into the car with Papyrus as we pass by his house." I said. Toriel rolls her eyes then pulls out her phone and texts Sans. "He said okay." Toriel said. "Okay, he'll know what to do because we practiced this a hundred times when you weren't home." I said. Toriel gives me a look. "Oh really, what else have you done when I wasn't home." Toriel said.
Sans and Papyrus teleport into the backseat beside Asriel and Winter. "I've done things at your place when you both weren't there." Sans said. Toriel gives him a look and says "What were those things you've done when I wasn't there.". "Sleep." Sans said. Toriel gets confused and I say "Well that's something he does when you're not home.".
Toriel thinks about it for a second then realizes what we meant and says "Smart Alecks.". I chuckle and continue to drive to the airport.
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Poor Asriel...
on May 03, 2017