The Huntress

The Huntress

A girl name Melissa Sunslit, who was born with a inhuman power of speed and silence, has a fate that has awaited for her. To become a hunter to save a village from werewolves, vampires, and a couple of powerful witches.

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Chapter 1.


      The woman, who was carrying a baby girl, ran for it, to protect her young child from the creatures who were after her kind, known as the Night Hunters. Two wolf men ran after her, as the other wolf men (werewolves or Lycan) and vampires destroyed and taken over the village, ruling over the fearful humans. Most of the Night Hunters has died from the big attack, only two have survived, which was the woman and the baby daughter of hers.

      She ran for it, which she was not born with the inhuman power of speed, but of camouflage to blend into the darkness well. She was wounded though from trying to escape the wolf men, her back bleeding and her legs aching in pain, needing rest from the far running. She rested beside a tree, loosing the wolf men, but was weak. The baby girl cried, who was cold, weak, and scared. The woman hums softly to the baby girl, as if to ease her fear for not only her child, but for the both of them also.
      "Hush now, little one... One day, you will be ready for your fate in the future, my Huntress."
      The woman grown weak, and settled the baby down onto her lap, and falls asleep, loosing too much blood. The child cried again, afraid her mother would go to sleep forever.

      A human man heard the crying, and ran towards it, finding a dead woman with a healthy, scared child in her arms. The man took the child, and taken her to his house, and raised her.

~About 5 years later~

     The man has noticed the odd symbol on the little girls arm, a symbol that means for Night Hunter. He then given her classes for fights, weaponry, and manners. He prepared her for the worst that was yet to come for her in the future, knowing he must hide her with him in the forest. If he put her in the village public, he would make sure she wore something to hide her marked tattoo symbol, and to also be careful with her inhuman powers, known as speed and sneaking in silence.
     "I will be careful, honest papa!"
     "You must be, because there is enemies out there who would do at nothing to stop you..."

     The man was growing old, and the girl gotten older also, into a young lady. The man past away from a disease when the young lady turned 18, but she was almost prepared, until her fate got her in its grip, the worst to come for her.

~A few months later~

      The leader of the vampires, Dexter, paced around back and forth in the meeting hall, hoping his soldiers have the huntress, since it would not only put the vampires lives in danger, but the Lycan and witches also. He looked over when hears the door open.
      "Did you find the young lady?"
      "Not yet, but we have found signs she could be in the forest, sir."
      "I want her now! Go find her, or else I will punish you!"
      "Y-Yes, sir!"
      The solider left quickly, shutting the doors behind him, leaving Dexter alone in the room.
      Dexter sighed, running his hand through his black hair.
      "They better find her, or we are all in danger..."
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Comments (3)

OMG I only have one thing to say!!!! MAKE A SEQUEL!!!!!!!! This was awesome! I'm following you! :-D
on May 05, 2017
This is great! A few spelling and grammar mistakes, but awesome nonetheless. Please update.
Thank you, but it was close to night time, and I was in a hurry, so I will be able to try to fix it. :3
on October 23, 2016
on October 23, 2016