Life is a Piece of Hell

Life is a Piece of Hell

Don't like summaries and can't write them! so yeah... XD XP no clue why i did that!

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Chapter 1.
part 1

part 1

Twiggy's pov.

God another useless day at school, it's enough I get beat up by my Dad and the stupid bullies just because i don't fit in! And even worse with me being a bloody pokemon hybrid. All of this mistreatment could and will bring me to the Brink of INsAnITy but i mustn't get down and just push on with life.


As i walk through the gates to hell(school) and receiving alot of weird looks cause just being alone and one of a kind until my so called friend Catfish shows up she's alright but i know she's one of the popular students and I'm just a worthless peice of shit and don't deserve to live that's what my Dad says since that day... oh well "HEY TWIGGY!' said a voice. oh bloody hell it's her! shit need to hide need to hide. Crap too late "hey..." i replied quietly but she's going on a ranting rage again in class... shit the teacher is looking this way.

Catfish's pov. (her real name is Katrina but Twiggy calls her Catfish)

What is with that person i'm trying to get to know her better but she keeps pushing me away and to top it off she's knew and is getting picked on by everyone by them pushing her around and treating her like shit. although she's the first hybrid at this school... she's being treated more bad then new normal students but if i become friends with her hopefully she will be left alone by all of the bullies.
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