The babysitter

The babysitter

Little Rin and Len have a babysitter, but the kagamine twins know how to cause trouble!

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Rin Kagamine

Len Kagamine

The Kagamine twins were playing tag outside one a beautiful afternoon. "Haha! You won't catch me Len!" Rin yelled to her brother "oh yes I can!" He yelled back. "Oh Rin! Len! I have to tell you something!" The twins mom called to her children "ok mommy!" The two replied in unison. The two raced to the door "I win!" Len said "aww! No fair" Rin crossed her arms.

"Kids I have something to tell you" the twins looked up at there mother "me and your daddy have to go out for a few hours so we hired a babysitter" "babysitter?!" The two yelled in unison. "Yes a babysitter" "mommy we don't need a babysitter!" "Oh yes you do! Last time I left you two alone for only a hour the house became a war zone! The house was destroyed !!!" "Oh yeah.." There mom sighed "just please don't harm your babysitter, ok?" The two nodded.

There parents left and soon after they heard a 'ding-dong!' The twins looked at each other nervously "I'll get it" Len said as he got off the couch. He opened the door "hi!" The babysitter greeted "is this where Len and Rin Kagamine live?" She asked "uh..yes" The babysitter smiled "my name is Miku! I hope we can have a good time together!"  She smiled. Miku walked in, Len ran back to his sister and smiled evilly "ok so what do we do to her?" He asked, Rin thought for a moment "hmm..ooh! I know! We can throw food at her" "good idea!"

Rin and Len snuck into the kitchen "ok let's see if we can find some of the leftovers from last nights dinner" Len said as he grabbed a chair and climbed onto it and opened the fridge. He looked through the fridge "found it!" Rin stood on the chair as well "lemme see!" She looked as well "perfect"

"Hey guy-" Rin and Len threw some leftover lasagna at Miku "AHHH!" She yelled as she wiped the lasagna off her. The twins giggled and quickly ran toward the closet as Miku chased them. They climbed in the closet and dove into a pile of clothes. "Ok what next?" Rin asked "hmm..let's dig a hole and have her chase us out there and then..she falls in!" "Good idea! Ooh! How about as a bonus we throw eggs at her head!" "Even better!"

Len opened the closet a crack and didn't see Miku there "the coast is clear!" The twins snuck out and went back to the kitchen and grabbed the egg carton. "Let's put them in this bag" Len said as he took a plastic bag, Rin nodded and put the eggs in there.

The twins found Miku in the living room talking on the phone, one of her friends called 'Luka'. "No sorry I can't come over I'm babysitting" she played with one of her pigtails as she talked "there twins no there cute actually but there troublemakers" Miku sighed "Kay see you later..bye!" She clicked the end call button. "Miku!" Len and Rin said "you can't catch us!" Miku frowned and chased the twins. Rin and Len giggled and ran outside "wait! Rin we didn't make a hole" Len said nervously "don't worry Len I made one this morning" Rin replied,smiling. "Why?" "Because I wanted to" Len shrugged. They lead Miku over to the hole Rin made and she fell in. "Hey! You two! Get me out!" Miku yelled to them, they giggled "haha! Miku's stuck!" Rin taunted as she pointed at her "yeah she is!" Len taunted as well.

"Len get the eggs ready!" Rin ordered "eggs?!" Miku asked nervously "nothing!" Len got the eggs out and handed one to Rin. "Ok. Ready,aim,fire!" The two yelled as they threw eggs at Miku. "AHH! STOP IT! STOP!" The two laughed as Miku tried dodging the eggs.

After the twins ran out of eggs they went back inside and turned the tv on and watched cartoons, leaving poor Miku to climb out of the hole, drenched in egg yoke and lasanga stains. She stormed back inside and pointed a finger at the two "you two. Are. The worst. Kids. EVER!" She yelled "yeah and?" Len asked "mad..I am very mad !" She dialed a number on her phone "mrs.Kagamine?..yeah it's me Miku!..your kids..are the worst!" She yelled into the phone and hung up.

She sat on the chair and shut the tv off "hey!" The twins yelled "we were watching that!" Miku crossed her arms and grabbed the two by there wrists "you two are going to bed!" She dragged them up to there room, which they shared, and put the two on the beds. "Good night!" She turned the light off and slammed the door.

Rin and Len looked at each other "I don't like the dark.." Rin said nervously "me either.." They both got out of bed and snuck out of there room. They quietly walked down the hall and spied on Miku. She had music turned on and was dancing around the living room. "What is she doing?" Len asked "don't know.." The two continued to watch. "First impressions and such beginnings~ are always trivial right?~ don't ask me where I feel good~ I can't give you an answer~" Miku sang as she danced around "a beautiful night dazzled me~ and I've lost my way~ doing all I can, making my eyelashes longer~ applying eyeliner and making my lips glisten~" she continued to sing. Rin then snuck over to the little desk next to the couch and grabbed there moms iPod "what are you doing?" Len asked/mouthed "I'm going to record her and post this on mommy's instagram" Rin replied/mouthed, Len gave her a thumbs up and a smile, Rin did the same. She then pressed record. "A purple butterfly~ on your right shoulder~ we kissed in the corner of the room~ I learned what it's like to have a heartrending feeling~" "sounds of a piano echoed~ trapped in my head!~" Miku continued to sing the song for about 6 more minutes. Rin clicked the stop recording button.

She and Len the went back to there room, Len turned there night light on. Rin then posted the video, in just 10 seconds the video had about 20 likes and 5 comments. The comments were: 'omg! That's hilarious!' 'I know Miku very well but I never knew she did this' 'I'm going to show my friends this!' 'This is priceless' 'lol !'

Rin and Len smiled deviously.

1 hour later..
Miku had fallen asleep on the couch, she was woken up by a loud 'ding-dong!' "Huh? What?" She muttered, half asleep. She rubbed her eyes and stood up. She opened the door "hey! Where are Len and Rin?" Mrs.Kagamine asked  "asleep." Miku replied. "So were they good?" Mr.Kagamine asked "well..they threw lasanga and eggs at me..and got me stuck in a hole..but other than that yeah! They were great" Mr and Mrs. Kagamine walked in. Mr.Kagamine got 10 dollars out and gave it to Miku "here" Miku smiled "thanks!" She took the money and walked out the door.

"Well at least the house isn't messy right?" Mrs.Kagamine asked as she sat down "yeah I guess.." After a while they both went to bed.
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I feel bad for Miku....
on October 06, 2014