Undertale - A New Beginning - Part 5

Undertale - A New Beginning - Part 5

In this story Toriel and decide to make more time for each other and possibly make everything official by taking the vows, but when everything seems to be going great, evil returns. Enjoy...

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Chapter 1.

It's time

I wake up in bed with Toriel and realize that it's been three days since we arrived in the Caribbean and that Toriel has joined the assassins. I sit up and look at Toriel, who is laying beside me, and then I look around the room and realize that we're in a motel. Toriel wakes up and looks at me and asks "Amaze, are you alright?". "Yeah I just had a bad dream." I said. Toriel sits up and turns her body to and crosses her legs and says "Okay, why don't you tell me about it.".
I sigh and look Toriel in the eyes and say "I remember the dream being about me going to war.". "Oh, well you don't have to worry about going to war because we're already fighting one." Toriel said. "I know, but it felt real." I said. Toriel hugs me and I hug back and I say "I want another child but that all depends if you want another.". "We can have another if you want." Toriel said. "Okay, lets have another child after we get married, okay." I said. "Okay." Toriel said.
Toriel and I get up and get dressed and start planning the wedding. After a few hours of planning we decide to take a break and go to the park with the kids. After a few hours at the park Toriel and I decide on taking the kids out for dinner as a family but as we go to get in the car I get a text message from Mayla and it says "Amaze, you and your family are in danger, meet me at the diner by the park, I'll explain more there.".
I show Toriel the text message and she says "Really, on family night.". "This is the main reason I left the assassins." I said. "I know but I think we should still take this seriously." Toriel said. "Let's just go and see what it is." I said as we got into the car and drove to the diner.
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This is a really good book! :O I have an idea XD Uh oh..
What's the idea
on July 16, 2017
on May 06, 2017