the after effects of the hunger games (1)

the after effects of the hunger games (1)

though she has been on her own ever scene the bombing of her home she has survived. but not knowing how much more she can take she gives up her live of crime. she gets the family she has needed and want for far too long. can anything take this joy away from her. or is it there for her to keep forever.

published on April 28, 20158 reads 5 readers 0 not completed
Chapter 1.


It has only been three months since the death of snow and coin. Everything is going smooth. There have been little crimes-I can’t say none-to punish. Everyone is keeping an eye out for one person. And that person is me.
I am eight years old. I have no mother or father. Actually I have no family at all. There where killed in the bombing of distract 12. I have blond hair and green eyes. My skin is pale because I steal stuff at night. My shirt is supposed to be blue but it so filthy it looks black. It also has holes all over it. My pants are too small for me. They look like I am wearing shorts. I have not taken a bath in a long time. My hair is all greasy and netted. I look like I am a dark skin girl.  I stay away from everyone. I do not trust anyone any more.
But that was all about to change. Weather I wanted it to or not. I no longer had any control over it, my heart did.
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