The life of Margo (1)

The life of Margo (1)

Margo. The girl you always see that's getting in trouble and skipping class. That is Margo. Margo is a rebel and lives and creates her destiny. She had black hair, blue eyes. And and a signature smirk. Every guy loves Margo. But look out Boys! Margo isn't looking for a man she's looking for Destiny. ( This will also be a series of different people)

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Chapter 1.


Margo. Just Margo, the girl you always see who is getting into trouble and skipping Class.The girl with that signature smirk that burns into your mind. No one forgets about Margo. She's the girl every guy loves. And the girl who every other girl Loathes. And it just so happens she believes in destiny and her own life. So let's follow her on her journey to her Destiny.

So while I'm here, let's take a quick glimpse at Margo.

" Okay move it people! What's the ruckus!" Margo pushed people away from her trying to see what the fuss was about. What she saw was a girl. A really short pink dress with super high heels. Her hair was a super blond and had way to much make up on. And she and the ' Okay everyone you come over yo my house and sleep together look' that Margo hated.

" Oh my... Who the Hell is this?!" Margo yelled at everybody and the girl glaring at her. " I'm Emma! Emma Beuty!" The blond said and flipped her hair. Margo rolled her eyes. " And who are you?" Emma asked. Margo looked at her with her signature ' I'm Miss.Loki' smirk. " Tony Stark." She said. Emma stared at Margo with a disgusted look.

" No wonder you are so ugly!" She said and a few other girls snickered. Margo looked at her. " Bitch please! At least I don't look like a chicken who accidently got covered in pink paint." Margo said with a smirk. Emma gasped and stepped closer to Margo.

" Well at least I don't smell like barf!" Emma yelled flipping her blond hair over her shoulder. " Oh no honey, that's you." Margo pointed at Emma with a ' Honey, change your clothes' look. Emma gasped again and pushed Margo. Margo looked at Emma with a ' You wanna go bro?!' Look and raised her hand to her face. Whispers like ' she's going to bitch slap her!' And ' Emma is so dead'

With a big POW Emmma had a red mark on her cheek. " That was called a Birch slap,Honey!" Margo said and grinned at her handy work. Emma started to cry as she tripped over her heels and fell to the ground.

" a Well that's my cue to leave. See ya guys!" She waved and started running out the school. She jumped into a silver van and grabbed her keys from a secret part of the car. She started the car as she constantly tried to get it to turn on. Teachers we're starting to approach the car and she had to leave quick. She locked the doors.

Then finally the car started and she put her feet on the pedal and started to speed away. Making sharp turns and driving off into the distance. She had a job. A mission to work on. A life goal. And it was to find who she was. To find her inner Margo. To find her Destiny.
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Comments (2)

on November 13, 2015
Good story. It's a lot more creative than most teenage girl stories
on July 13, 2015