Basically something my friends and I sent to my B/D

We all know about how my band director got really sick so my friends and I sent him a thing and he didn’t listen to our advice Basically our whole lives in a nutshell.

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We’re sending this to you from multiple accounts because it’s important and we want to make a point.
Pneumonia sucks but I’d you actually take our advice maybe it can help :)  

First things first, rest. We don’t care about your perfect attendance. We don’t care that you don’t want to miss out. We care about the fact that you shouldn’t be here because you’re sick and A) We don’t want your nasty germs and B) The only reason you’re even in that condition is because you let it get this bad. We get you miss us because we’re amazing students (pff) and you live ya but we love you too and we say take care of yourself. (He missed a day or two, despite being sick for over two weeks)

Next thing, don’t take “Quil”. We get it’s tempting to do it. But those medicines aren’t for what you have— Your body is trying to get the infection out of your chest, and suppressing coughing doesn’t help. You can have tea. You can shower or bathe if you like. But you shouldn’t take Quil. (he took a lot of quil.)

Another thing— Sleep propped up on pillows. Yeah, it could hurt your back, but you can choose between waking up sore or not waking up at all because you were literally up all night coughing your pancreas out your left nostril. Use your pillows. Support helps tremendously. (I don’t watch him sleep how would I know)

And also, drink warm stuffs. You shouldn’t have too much trouble with this, you drink lots of heated things. It’ll help. Also, adding honey to tea is gREAT. Honey has plenty of benefits to it, including antiseptic properties. Make use of it. Heal faster.

Rest your voice. Don’t sing. Don’t talk. Another reason why we don’t want you at school, because talking over a room full of teenagers with instruments is definitely straining. Keep your mouth shut.

Stay hydrated. Is it really that difficult? Drink water. Drink tea. Drink whatever you want (aside from alcohol, because it can dehydrate you)

Don’t do much, even if you’re not sleeping. Veg on the couch and binge watch Netflix. Take a hot bath. The most vigorous activity you should do is get up to make yourself some instant noodles or tea or something. Please don’t be one of those people— We kind of want you alive next Marching season.

We hope you take our advice into consideration— Get well soon, we miss you. That new music you gave us probably would like to be played sometime soon.
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