Ceiling ( sanders sides drabble)

based off a prompt i saw on instagram as well as comments so i was like yes lets do this. Prompt: remus and virgil gluing things to the ceiling

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Ceiling ( sanders sides drabble)

The story

Logan had noticed an assortment of objects somehow glued to the ceiling. It had started out with small papers and some mismatching socks, but as he roamed the hallways, the more interesting things got. There were baseballs,plates, cameras and many other assorted items that made the logical side question his own sanity, yet that the least of his worries as his eyes widened at the sight  of his living room ceiling.
“ Can someone explain to me why the HELL  Janus is glued on the ceiling?!” Janus was stuck and appeared to have his mouth taped so he couldn't call out for help. Right then two other sides, one with green the other with purple showed up. Logan sighed.
“ of course  it had something to do with you remus, and what are you doing here virgil?”
“ Well, Remus and I were really bored so we started using this glue that Remus made for ceilings and started gluing stuff up there,” Vigil explained with a rather calm tone.
“ And then we came up with the idea that maybe we should try gluing one of the sides and now janus is on the ceiling.” Logan managed to get janus off the ceiling, which the deceitful side sank down in his room, not without flipping the others off.
“Well now that we think about it it wouldn't hurt to glue you on the ceiling, right Remus?”
“ of course that is a splendid idea virgil, go get me th_” the intrusive side was cut off by a glare from logan.
“ how about i glue yours guys’s mouth shut and then glue you to the ceiling after you get everything else DOWN. would you like that?”
Virgil and remus looked at eachother and made their way out of the living room in seprate directions.
“ Thats what i thought”
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