This is story about a girl who is lost in the desert. It might appeal to people who like reading Divergent and that kind of stuff. if you read it i hope you like it!!

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Chapter 2.


Wind beings to stir the dust and rocks on the ground. It rattles and roars in my ears. I stare at the barren land where I saw the sparkling image of a water park. I sigh loudly with frustration and it gradually becomes a scream that disappears off into the flat land. I let out another shout. It feels good relieving myself of all sound, letting off all of my steam, until there is no more anger. My hair flaps wildly in the wind and I am lost in my mind. I collapse into a heap, my head crunches against the hard, hard ground….

Days have passed, years have passed – that’s what it feels like. When I wake up in the soft, cold arms of the night, the ground smells sweet. I am the night now, staring down at the endless land, in the safe darkness away from the burning sun. The air is thick and has the scent of rain. I am a breeze skimming the rust-coloured ground. I am no longer myself, no longer I.
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Comments (1)

very detailed! love it! is that the end?
on June 29, 2014