A girl named Anya once lived a happy life. But, she soon realized that her life wasn't as happy as she thought it was.

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Chapter 1

   "Anya, Get down stairs now!" My mom yelled. I quickly get up and race downstairs. My mom hands me a mop and a towel. I'm always looking forward to pleasing my mother. I'm ten afterall. My dad looks at me with a guilty face. I smile at him to assure to him that I was fine. He just walks out of the kitchen in return. I mop the floor while my mom yells at me when I missed a spot on the floor. I sigh. After I was done, my mom gave me a pat on the head. My mom still loves me and that makes me happy.

   It's been two years and I can't believe my mom still loves me. Even though she hits me and kicks me, she shows me love when I do good things. My dad sometimes locks me in his room while my mom is downstairs drinking beer and stuff. He tells me that it's not safe to be by myself when my mom is drinking. I'm now 14. I'm still a very happy person as I was since I was a child. When i try to explain to my friends that my mom doesn't abuse me, they always say my life was f'ed up. But, I still believe my mom loves me though.

   I walk into school with stratches on my face. People look at me like I was some kind of lizard that walked on two legs. "Anya, What happened to you?!" My friend Joslyn asks. "My mom stratched my face with a razor a few times. Nothing big" My friend gasps. "Nothing big?! Your mom literally scraped your face with a razor!" I sigh. "Anya, this is getting completely ridiculous! Your mom abuses you and you NEED to realize-" I walk away from her. Everyone is a liar.

   I finally get home and lay on my bed. My dad suddenly bursts into my room and grabs me off my bed in bridal style. He runs out of the door as I hear car wheels screetching behind us. "Dad, what is going on?!" I yell. "No time to explain." He says. He runs faster as we go along. The car wheels get farther and farther away. We stop at a hotel. "But, what about our-" "Clothes? I already brought the hotel stay and brought our luggage. Let's just hurry up and get inside" He yells. I run inside as he follows. We run upstairs and to the room he booked. Her quickly runs inside and looks out of the window. Car wheels screetch past the hotel. Dad sighs and wipes his forehead with a hanker chief. I grab the same one and wipes mine too. "Now will you explain what's going on?" I ask as we both start to calm down. "Take a lollipop, Anya." He says and hands me a lollipop.

   "Are you-" I stutter. He nods and hugs me. I cry into his shoulder. I can't believe my mom has been actually abusing me all of this time. I called everyone a liar.

When the real liar was myself.

I sigh. I feel as my heart was just shattered in pieces. It feels like broken glass.

Me and my dad lay on the bed together, cheering on the football teams. We look at eachother. He smiles. I smile back.
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