Zackiels True Story

This story was created by the and awesome French writer on Deviant art ( I don't own the Sonic series or it's characters by the way, all owned by Sega and the Sonic Team. Hope you enjoy and by the way there may be some sentences that don't make sense since I used Google translate.

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This is Zackiels True Story

Zackiel’s True Story

Valadion Bowen, close relative of the former King of Mercia, regained the throne after the latter died. The legitimate heir, the Rob'o Heg, who "disappeared", it was to him that we entrusted the regency of the Kingdom of Mercia. Even then, many people stood to challenge the decision, each trying to stake claim to the throne. Fortunately, supported by Mercian militia Valadion could keep this right to the throne. There were several plots against the former king, and in the minds of some, either in the people or among the nobles, it was thought that death was probably not due to a whim of nature. Whether raised small armies forced peasant, or attempts to poison these same plots continued to threaten the new King, who preferred to appoint himself regent ...    It is in this climate of war power, shots low and betrayal was born Zackiel. Legitimate son of Minas Bowen Valadion and it became this way the Prince of the Kingdom, even though he does not in any way as legitimate as Rob. The fate of the young Prince would be closely tied to that of another Mobien. Aged about twenty years, a hybrid owl was found among casual advisors of the royal family replacement. He was present when the regent left the room his wife, after childbirth finished. He wore a radiant smile. Ezeckyel felt a very strange sensation shortly before. He realized that this time corresponded to the time of birth of the child. During that moment of bewilderment, the hybrid owl had a sort of vision. He saw a land covered with flames, ravaged by war, chaos and desolation. Death, blood and destruction was everywhere. There was no living soul, and a bestial cry had sounded, making flying birds ... Seeing the young sage disorder, the Regent could not help but wonder what he brought bad news. The owl was careful not to say anything, only pretending to be afraid that the plots we knew not also asked to target children. Valadion reassured him by saying that he would ensure that nothing untoward happens, and gave a hug to the young hybrid. The owl then slipped to retire in his home, where he plunged a long time in his books ...    A few days later, made ​​Valadion hold an exceptional court. Indeed, he had to choose among the wise of the Kingdom that would be tutor to his son. Ezeckyel was among those who participated in the contest. Indeed, he felt that a link between her and the child since birth. He felt that their two fates were bonded to each other. The child was there too, in his crib. The young hedgehog turquoise fur sleeping peacefully, unaware that his fate may be sealed was in that moment. In turn, the regent made ​​the wise back, professors, thinkers, philosophers, and listened to their presentations, with a small crowd of people who came to attend the ceremony. After nearly three hours, it was the turn of Ezeckyel to enter the room. He sat in the middle of the great throne room. There the regent and his wife encouraged him a frank look and a nod. The hybrid felt about him all the looks of the crowd. He began to speak shyly mumbling. Then, carried away by his great knowledge, his thirst for knowledge and his insatiable need to give all he had allowed himself to great speeches, with big gestures, words worthy of the greatest orators, passionate. He stood in front of all these people a long preamble on the knowledge that was to learn with the most ardent desire to penetrate the depths of hearts and minds.All drank his words, while the young man was a brilliant demonstration of his knowledge. He had been jaded by human nature, and in that instant, he reconciled with before the thirst for knowledge that all seemed proven by listening. In his grand gestures and speeches, he felt a strange cold shudder. Instinctively, he turned to the child and raised his protective wing. At that moment they heard the shrill whistle, the slamming of a rope, while a bright flash spun to the cradle. Suddenly, the owl spun, stumbled and fell to the ground. You could see the wood of a tile crossbow out of its plumage. The iron tip was planted in the thick cover of the book that the wise man held in his hand. It was this book that had protected him, at the same time protecting the child. When all looked up, they could see only a dark shape disappearing quickly. Naturally, the guards were sent, and well understood, it is not found the culprit ... Ezeckyel, somewhat cooled by the incident, had recovered and finished his demonstration. He was warmly thanked by the Regent and his wife, for having saved the life of their child. In the days that followed, the young owl remained locked in his house to investigate a difficult passage of his writings visited by an armored bear. Yoreck, one of the officers of the guard of Mercia and sword master of the castle, visited him and informed the couple that governed the kingdom had chosen for his zeal and the vast extent of his knowledge, as a tutor of the child. They had left to the polar bear the task of educating the child physically when the time came, that he might take up arms as was the tradition. The owl was arranged with the bear. He would teach him good manners, geography, history, languages, foreign cultures, myths and legends. Yoreck teach him the art of hunting, horseback riding, running, swimming, combat. If the polar bear would teach him to handle weapons, Ezeckyel insisted that it was he who learns his stick handling, the only weapon he had learned to use as Sage ... They both concluded their agreement by greeting, saying they would meet again to discuss the fortunes that everyone would assign to her classes with the child ...    At the age of six, Zackiel was a diligent student. He enjoyed enormously both teachers. Ezeckyel with his baggy clothes, he seemed to be a mage, and he knew captivated the child's attention. He showed him maps, drawings, miniatures, statues. He was traveling by telling him stories of distant regions. It taught him to write, read various languages, talking, playing his tongue with a sharp weapon and accurate ... Yoreck, with its heavy armor, greatly impressed the child. He had learned early her to swim, to run, to hunt, to fight, to wield many weapons. Known for his teaching, he was forced to change the method, working playful fawn with the child that he does not feel compelled to exercise. When he was not in his classes, the young prince playing in the castle gardens with other children, ladies companies, servants, or sometimes their parents. He lived more than happy childhood. When he was five, his mother was again pregnant and had given birth to a daughter. Her younger sister, Mayne, was now the princess of Mercia. From an early age, the little hedgehog azure proved to all his bad temper. But still, Zackiel adored his little sister. As soon as she was big enough, he took her with him to play in the castle gardens. And woe to the one who was attacking her! Armed stick, pebble or his fists, the boy threw himself with enthusiasm and aggressiveness on the aggressor. Many times we had to separate the other children and the severely scolded. Once Yoreck had even been forced to straighten a jewelry bearing the symbol of his family, the small white wing with a ruby, the young prince wore in her hair, which had been damaged during an argument.     A rainy day while playing hide and seek in the corridors of the castle, Zackiel overheard a conversation between his two teachers ...

"But, Ezeckyel, you know that's impossible!
- I know that Yoreck but want you have me do? His nightmares were rumored by some unknown means ... I am convinced that at present, a way we search among the enemies of the kingdom to use against us ... " Since a young age, every night, the young Prince wakes with a start, frightened by dark dreams. In these dreams, he found himself turning a hideous beast, colossal, gigantic, unleashing death and chaos of the city. Once ravaged town, it was the whole earth who perished at the hands of the monster ... Ezeckyel had shopped the meaning of these nightmares. He had found in a grimoire an old legend. In a distant time, a man coveted the power of Mercia. Making use of a powerful spell, he killed the king's son and took his appearance. Thus, the King's death, he could rule the kingdom. But every evening, at night, it turned into a horrible and bloodthirsty beast that kills everything in its path. It ends up being killed by the arrows of the soldiers, and they found the body of the treacherous, deeply hurt.They buried a hero, as one who had given his life to kill the monster that had devoured the prince. The man was considered a god almost, until Sage reveals the deception.The tomb of the so-called hero was so soiled and sacked, and his name became synonymous with treachery and mischief in the Kingdom. The hybrid owlet had so long studied the genealogy of the participants of this story. It turned out that the felon was an ancestor of the regent family, and that the sage was a direct ancestor of Ezeckyel.Could it be that the nightmare that the child had each night were only the memories of his ancestor lattant events? Or his mind could he find a way to interfere with the child's? And if that were the case, Ezeckyel should it do as his grandfather and reveal the whole story, may lead to the child and his parents to shame, refer to death? He shook his head. No, if the child had nightmares, it was only because he had once heard a story. Probably one of the rascals with whom he played. And since then, he made ​​numerous and frightening nightmares, that's all. He pushed the legend in a corner of his mind. At least, he would have liked, because this story obsessed young wise ... It's fifteen years that fate had begun to show the young prince what fate he reserved it. Indeed, while returning one evening during a that Ezeckyel had ado, the young prince heard a voice behind him

"Monster! Sale monster! " He turned to see the folds of a red silk cloak disappearing around the corner of a wall. He quickened his pace, but he found no trace of this person.He shrugged. He was very tired. Drive in the morning with Yoreck sword and diplomacy during lunch with a noble family, where the girl, a particularly unpleasant hyena hybrid had not stopped the agreed-sous Salassi towards the prince had particularly upset the prince and riding session, and finally, the course of foreign policy ... Then surely he had dreamed this apparition. He retired to his chambers. He pulled her long red cape, took off his shoes and collapsed on the bed Once again, he woke up with a start, because of his nightmares. He had to get out of bed because he was lying on his back on the red carpet of her room. He got up and began to look where he was. The decor was nevertheless the one to his room, but everything seemed so different. From a glance around, he swept the entire room. It is asking his eyes on a mirror opposite corner he understood. He was well into his room, but this difference was only a matter of perspective, a few centimeters in height. The image reflected her the mirror was that of a tall, strong creature, the bristling fur. Two long fangs out of his mouth, while massive fists hanging at the end of his arms. In a howl, the prince broke the mirror. Indeed, his arm was stretched like a rubber band to break the glass. Alerted, the guard was about to intervene and  when Ezeckyel Yoreck arose. They ordered them to leave, they managed the situation. Then they went back into the room. There they found the creature. It was the same creature that inhabited the dreams of Zackiel and that Ezeckyel had seen in vision at birth hedgehog. At the cost of great effort and a long struggle, the Werehog was mastered and taken secretly in the apartments that the two tutors shared.They had prepared a dungeon, specially designed for this case. Indeed, Ezeckyel which was torn by this story of legend and genealogy had sought information on that creature. At nightfall, the Prince would turn into this beast, until dawn. They then locked up with heavy chains, sheltered behind the heavy walls that they had clapped and Yoreck Ezeckyel and stood guard that first night. In the morning, they opened the prison and found him asleep Prince. They carried him to his room before going themselves to rest ...

   "My dear Valadion I hearing that your son had been attacked last night by a beast, and that he had been devoured! If that is the case, it is necessary that you immediately hunt to find him and shoot him!
- I do not know what you're talking me there, Sir Redediel. My son has terrible nights as you know, it sits ... There was never any question of anything that would have attacked ...
- I'm sure I heard a guard say that! " The owl who was standing to the left of the throne exchanged a brief look at the polar bear, frowning. And they have made ​​sure that the history of Werehog does not hit the street, so how this deceitful of Redediel had he been informed? Probably one of the guards, who would be bribed ... Actually, the cries had pushed the Prince before he was locked up had probably attracted the attention ...
"-If your son is alive, I want to see seemly!
- Sir Redediel, of course! I just told you that rests Zackiel! With sleep problems that we all know, the night is a terrible ordeal for him!
- If he does not come, I infer that he is dead! And if you are not able to protect the life of your son, I do not see how you can Gov ...
- Who died? " All will return, while both tutors display a satisfied smile. A little late, but it seems that the Prince has finally stand up ... He deserved his nickname of Prince snoring. He had been named since he had fallen asleep, dressed in his armor, supported by his sword for its crises of the night ... Although awakened, expertly coiffed hair, shiny jewelry from her hair, her well put crown on his head, the Prince walked with a firm step in the room, raising his shoes a slight tingling at every step. He greeted his parents a reverence before turning around, facing the weasel who stood before him, dressed in a long blue silk cloak.

"- Whatever was telling you my dear Redediel, the only beast there was that night at the castle, it was myself ... " At these words, and Yoreck Ezeckyel gulped hard. It would undermine any foolishly. But before any of them can not make a move, he cleverly replied:
"- Taken in one of my nightmares, I put everything upside down in my room screaming to belie. I admit I lost my head and having yielded to a kind of inner beast that terrorizes me in my sleep. This is probably the sound of my fight with Yoreck Ezeckyel and trying to get me back because your care taken for the assault of a beast ... But do not worry, I'm still here, alive and well ... " And he greeted him with a bow. The weasel seemed furious. He turned around and walked away. The two tutors came with a smile:

"- I do not like this bad guy ... Everyone knows he's after the father of power ...
- Come on, do not worry my prince, we will do we can for a creature so abject that it can not even manage a colony of cockroaches ... Come on, let's go ... we still have to study the geopolitical aspect of our situation with the rest of the world ... " Since then, every night , Zackiel came and locked in the dungeon and Yoreck Ezeckyel had created. There was no problem. Except that one day, soon after the seventeen year-old Prince, Count Redediel returned to the charge. "- Sir, I learned reliably informed that your son was perhaps not the good and gentle Prince you want us to believe ... I know that at the nightfall, it transforms into a bloodthirsty creature your two lackeys are forced to lock so that it does not take in the people! - But finally Redediel! What are you saying! Are you stupid?!? - Come Sir Bowen, thus hiding point! You are of the lineage of this arrant Raydington, who usurped the throne! Your son carries these genes, and it is the same beast that vulture! He will lead us to our undoing, as was the case in the past! - You go a bit much! To our loss! While it's my son who leads our armies to defend our land looters who attack the wealth of noble! - I have evidence, testimony from guards and other people who claim to have seen clearly ! Miranda! The testimony! " A skinny creature then approached on tiptoe. She wore a long, silky dress. The praying mantis handed to the Regent a parchment scroll. The hedgehog unrolled the paper and read it several times, paling as and when reading. Of course, Ezeckiel Yoreck and had briefed. How could he have this transpire? Dropping the earth parchment Valadion up on a lost ferret eyes: "What do you expect from me, Redediel? - But then Sir! Your duty!Banish the one jeopardizing our safety! Banish the prince! Or drop your power to ensure that your successor can do what is right! " It was at that moment that broke Yoreck:"- Species of ... RAH! You bribed all the nobles, so that if the opportunity arose, they elect you as replacing the Regent! Traitor as Guard of Mercia, you deserve me to make you taste the edge of my ax! " While insulting the noble of all the names, Yoreck advanced menacingly. The weasel triumphed, he exulted, squealing and jumping up. Ezeckyel interjected: "Yoreck! My friend, no! Redediel, leave us a day to prepare what you ask ... I have to talk with the King to make the best choice ... " The next day the weasel returned. The king had convened its course. Redediel advanced a step. Yoreck Ezeckyel and stood erect, alongside of the regent. The weasel gave them a sly look: "Well, we sommez here to talk about banishment of Prince, it seems ... - We can not. "The whole crowd murmured, stunned. Ezeckyel advanced a step, and adjusted his glasses: "- In light of our laws, according to Article 45 of our code, we can not banish Prince Zackiel Bowen ... - But rebelled weasel decree applies only person who took exile! - Exactly.And Prince Zackiel Bowen taken to exile this morning. Here is his letter. " While the owl was showing all the document where Prince testified that he himself had chosen to go into exile in the country for an indefinite time, the weasel had to swallow his pride. It was then the owl gloat, eyeing his opponent look. When the weasel greeted them, he threw them a look that said "one day, it will be me that you should give your advice, and I'll make you bitterly regret! ". Then he went away, taking with him after praying mantis, who wore a red silk coat ...    The Prince was already gone. During the night, with Ezeckyel and Yoreck, they had everything worked out. He was going on a long trip, discover the world, taking advantage of the opportunity to gain valuable experience that would make him a better king. His two preceptors and friends were going to stay here to help his parents, and find a way to allow the prince to return. Thus the journey began ... Bowen Zackiel

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