The lonley spirit

A tale of a girl with no BFF. She had one once but now they are enemies plus three other girls...

published on October 24, 20145 reads 5 readers 1 completed
Chapter 1.

the girls that shine club

Once,far away from here,a girl named Minnie never had best friends. She only knew 4 bullies best,Ella, Maisie,, Kitty and Scarlett.Well,okay.Here's the truth, she HAD a  
friend,but it's one of the bullies now.It's Scarlett,the meanest bully she know's know.She always had the necklace Scarlett gave her."BFF" it read.Let's start from the begging

"Get off my necklace!" wept Minnie when Ella tried to break her necklace. "BFF! How sweet!"Laughed Ella.Minnie didn't leave her necklace."Get off! NOW!"She shouted,aggressively.Ella smiled."okay" Said Ella."here you go!"When Ella let go, Minnie noticed that she was holding the necklace so tight,she landed on the floor."see ya , loser!" Shouted Ella."YOU'LL PAY FOR THIS!!!" Screamed Minnie as she burst into tears. After seconds, she saw Alice with a friend,Toffee with a friend, Belle with a friend and Daisy with a friend. I wish i had a friend. Thought Minnie. She opened her locker to get her maths homework.Just as she closed her locker, a sigh caught her eyes. It was Scarlett. She was shoving the prettiest girl in school,Charlotte."First, tell me the secret!" Replied Scarlett rudely "Or Daisy will be punished by Kitty!" "No! Please!" Charlotte begged."I'll tell you the secret." "Good." Said Scarlett, chuckling."What is it?"Charlotte looked at Minnie who was hiding."TELL ME!"screamed Scarlett,but she was too late.Charlotte was gone and Minnie bravely stepped forward."I'll tell you" She said "it's that you were my best friend but now you're not!" "I'd never ever thought I'd be friends with you!" said Scarlett,clenching her fists.Every step Scarlett took,Minnie took a step backwards.Suddenly, from the girls' toilets, a hand reached Minnie and took her inside."problem solved." said Scarlett "now,where's Charlotte?" She turned around and walked away.Meanwhile, in the toilets,Minnie was sobbing across the room."I wasn't brave." She said to herself."I wasn't..." "You were very brave." Said Charlotte,appearing from a shadow."I think that I'll tell you the secret,not Scarlett."Charlotte knelt down and began to speak."It's about "girls that shine"club" Said Charlotte"It said it's cancelled,but it isn't" "Really?!" Asked Minnie with excitement. Every girl in school loved "girls that shine"club! All the girls in school had to write a celebrities name  on a piece of paper and 5 of these celebrities will be chosen in the "girls that shine" club and 5 people that chosen that celebrity will be in the club,too! "This year 1 person will be chosen" Said Charlotte."Who's the captain this year?" Asked Minnie. " The 4 mean bullies" said Charlotte in dismay."I didn't want them to know so it was a secret." Minnie couldn't believe her ears.She would be never chosen by them...
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Stay tuned for the next chapter...
on October 24, 2014