Middle School

A girl has a new adventure at a new middle school and she is having some problems!

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Middle School
Chapter 1.


"What we're moving! But mom what am I going to do with all of my other friends we can't move an hour away that is to far and I will never be able to see them again!"
J.C yelled. " You are fine J.C. We will be able to pick them up once in a while so you guys can see each other. Don't worry everything is alright." Said J.C's mom.
"Ya but mom I will not know anyone that goes to school there and plus what if they all pick on me ?" Cried J.C. "Than come and tell me and I will deal with it"
" Like you can do anything mom. And that is just gonna make me sound like a snitch and everything else will be WORSE!" Yelled J.C.
" Well we're moving thats that. I am tired of you yelling and talking to your mom like that I am for real about to ground you for a month and that means NO PHONE"
Demanded Dad.
"MK whatever dad"
"What did you just say to me young lady?"
"Nothing you need to know"
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