creepypasta vacation time!

We all heard of creepypastas right? Have you ever thought about what would happen if they all went on vacation? One word comes to mind; DISASTER! In this story, see what will happen with the pastas, who will they meet? What will they do? Who will live? Who will die? Will everything go to plan? Or, will a terrible fate await them?

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Chapter 1.

Geting prepared

"C'mon Slendy! Your soooo  slow!" Jeff yelled angrily from down the hall.
"Just wait a minute Jeff!" Slenderman replyed. "Hoodie! Masky!... Toby! are you all packed up?" Slenderman asked as he walked down the hall with a huge suitcase behind him. He also wasn't wearing his usual clothing. Hoodie, Masky, and Toby came into the living room were Slenderman was waiting also with their suitcases trailing behind them as well.  
"HEY Masky!" Toby said over and over and OVER. "Hey Mas-" Toby was cut off short by the sight of what Slenderman was wearing. Everyone in the room then went wide-eyed. Just then LJ walked into the room humming pop goes the weasel until he saw Slenderman.
"Wow!" LJ said laughing till he almost couldn't breath. "What are you wearing? you look like a freaking clown!" He said still laughing like a hyena on crack.
"Well" Jeff said, "It seems like you never looked in a mirror before" LJ stopped laughing and gave Jeff a deadly look. Slenderman was wearing a bright orange T-shirt with yellow flowers on it. He also had light blue shorts on. "Well," Slenderman said. "We ARE going to a place that is very close to a beach!"
"oh... yeah... I forgot..." Jeff said quietly. as he walked back to his room
"Well..." LJ started "I didn't forget! I... just need to get a few more things from my room..." LJ then tellaported to his room to grab the stuff that he forgot.  
Then Slenderman yelled "Hey Jeff, don't be so slow, the rest of us will be in the car!"
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"Cmon slendy! Your so sl-" Then a car crashed in the mansion and it was the end on the Internet. The end
on December 06, 2016