BR: Not Everything is As It Seems...

Well, this is the 5th book. Still going until I can't anymore! Yea! Anyway, in past events, Black Rose, a Creepypasta, finds a girl stranded, things go down. There's a fight which threatens EJ's life. After this, things are better... Way better. But things take a dark turn. Offenderman threatens to hurt her, and she can't do anything about it. Can her friends save her... Or does Black Rose turn Red?...

published on January 26, 20162 reads 2 readers 0 not completed
Chapter 1.

The Aftershock

Everyone had calmed down after a day, and Slenderman hadn't come out of his room. No one had gone in, and Sally was happy. Toby kept annoying Maksy, and still had time for his, girlfriend, Broken. EJ and Rose were talking in her room, and LJ was watching TV. Nothing seemed to happen to him. "So, anyway. Want to go hunt? I'm okay, I guess. If I can love you, than I can kill." They kissed. "Sure, why not. I need more flesh." They started to go out, but something stopped Rose. "My knives!" They ran back, and she grabbed them. Before they could get out of the door, someone closed the door. "Hello."
Offenderman smiled. "Crud." EJ grimaced. "You won't be able to save her now." EJ shook his head. "No! Don't touch her." Offenderman picked him up. Throwing him across the room, he turned to Rose. "I'm not afraid of you. Don't come near!" She tried to sound strong, but she couldn't. Offenderman smiled. "Don't call your friend, or the boy gets it." Her eyes widened. She got her knives. Offenderman stepped forward. She wouldn't go forward. She stood her ground.
If he got near, she would hit him. EJ tried to get up, gut he was stuck in the desk. "EJ? Are you okay?" He nodded. Offendy smiled. "He can watch your death. Painfully." She shook her head. There were tears in her eyes. "No. You bring fear to others. Dying doesn't give me fear. It gives me motivation." He laughed. "No." He grabbed her. She remembered the last night. "You remember. You know you do. That, my dear, is something you never forget." She scraped his face. "I'm not your dear!"
He smiled, tossing her on the bed. "You imbecile." She got up, and saw EJ get up. He put his finger to his lips. Offendy came closer to her. "Don't come near. I'll kill you." He smiled. Then, the next part happened fast. EJ stabbed Offendy, and he backed up. While Offendy was paying attention to EJ, she stabbed him again. He roared, and grabbed Rose. "Rose! No!" Broken came in. Offendy was bloody, but he held Black Rose in his hand. "Come closer! I dare you." EJ stopped Broken. If Broken attacked, Rose was going to be in extreme pain.
She struggled. "Don't try anything. She deserves this. The little girl gets a punishment." Broken ran out. Rose gasped. "Please. Don't." Offendy smiled. "That's what I want to hear. Plead." Then, Slendy came in. "Put her down!"
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