A true story about the people on quiztron and the Great pg-13 conquering the website!

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The Beginning, Middle and pendergrass

It had been 8 years since pendergrass had logged into a website known only as...Quiztron
Quiztron, full of trolls and catfish and disgusting attempts at jokes to other peoples expense no matter how stupid and offensive. Oh sure pendergrass had logged in from time to time since 2007 almost every year but just to read the comments not actually make a new quiz because when I (pendergrass) make quizzes I try to make them fun! But something happened to quiztron and a group of people who thought acting like catfish and then trying some underage girl thing was good humor and better conversation but what they didnt know is that pendergrass is a legendary unicorn. While funbucket and others left because the were caught up in their lies others came in and didnt understand what had took place calling pendergrass crazy a sociopath loser faggot everything actually i have been called everything because people on quiztron are trolls Every last one of you all! nobody gave any kind of support at all and as a matter of fact profiles made the same day constantly wanted me to kill myself and the latest post at the wall? all these trolls telling me i have NO FREINDS!???? I have a facebook why do you think RP got up in the 5,000 views and the wonderful wall of fruit!
I tagged the quiz on my Fb so really that is the perfect ending. I always knew if jesus came back the people would slaughter him again and make damn sure they did it worse than before, but who cares? SERIOUSLY he lived and died and now its your turn.

Why would anyone go on quiztron looking for love? why would no one help me? why would everone just want to kill themselves?
Because your talking to Catfish! alot of those people are from another country making fun of yours meanwhile the only updates are advertisements.
Back in your day 2010 NOTHIN! 2007! you should of respected your elder unicorn and now its too late, the ties with quiztron are over i was pointing out the people hurting others and then some alts got involved with even dumber people who started trying to tell me how to live my life. Haha.

All my homies on facebook thanks for checking this stuff out! i couldnt have done it without you! and like im always saying...Ill try to keep you updated
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