The Story Of Peridot

The Story Of Peridot

This is the origin of Peridot and how she was born and how she found homeworld and where she was born at and it includes Yellow Diamond and meeting new gems so anyway please enjoy.

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Chapter 1.
New Gem Found

New Gem Found

Long ago there was a place called the techno world and it was a place with gems and there was a place similar to the world that looked just like Techno world and it was called the Moonlit Battlefield and it was much prettier and less dark than the techno world and no one could be born from that place cause it's where gems fight battles and there was a planet called homeworld where there were gems plotting to hurt the Earth

and some were good and some were bad the world was led by Yellow Diamond and she had a best gem warrior named Jasper but she wished she had more soldiers and minions other than her followers and members and people so in a place on homeworld there was a control room and then there was a gem sneaking around that had technology powers she had limb enhancers to make herself taller and to help her use her powers cause she doesn't know how to she was good but also evil she hated Earth cause she thought all Earthlings were insane and she didn't know which side to be on so she chose Homeworld and she wanted to be a member but she also wanted to be a soldier for Yellow Diamond but she needed permission to be a

member of the team and her named was Peridot and she had long hair that was down and she had green and yellow boots and yellow leggings and she had a green dress with black and a yellow diamond symbol and a long sleeve hangy sleeve and then Yellow Diamond came out and saw her and said "who are you and why are you here and how did you know where I was" Peridot said "I am Peridot I've come here because I want to live on this planet and be your follower and become a member of your court and be one of your soldiers I'm strong too and these are limb enhancers I have gem powers and I don't know how to use them and I need help and I was flying through space and I found this beautiful planet and a member of your court told me you were here her name was Jasper" Yellow Diamond said "let's see what you got"
so apparently they were testing.
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