5 "The dorm"

This is a story about an unknown cause that happens inside a college dorm.. the dorm is hiding something from the students.

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I woke up to several loud screams coming from outside of my dorm. Our principal instructed us specifically Not to open the door or do anything if you here any screams. We were supposed to ignore them.
I heard the screaming coming from down the hall of my dorm. I called my room mates name to she If she was awake. She rolled over and whispered "yes?" " Did you here the screaming?" Something is going on and I need to figure it out..." but the principle strictly told us to leave it be. I know but if someone is in trouble I need to help them.
I said. I took a few deep breaths opened my secret drawer grabbed my gun from the drawer. "I can see I won't be able to stop you. But I'm locking the door as soon as your out." My room mate said to me. "Ok." I said as I got up from the bed. Waited a few seconds and heard more screaming.
I rushed to the door I went threw the door. My roommate handed me a flashlight and said good luck. She shut the door and I heard it click. I turned the flashlight on and started walking quietly down the college dorm halls. It was pitch black.
I heard more screaming. I froze as I saw movement up ahead. Someone or something was pounding on one of the dorm room doors trying to break in. It was what looked like a women with long dark brown hair. Ripped clothes and claws.
I turned the flashlight off right as she glanced over at me. She saw me. She screamed I stumbled to the floor. She started to run after me. I quickly got up ran as fast to my dorm room as possible started slamming my fists on the door yelling "It's me Kate...let me in Now!!" My roommate opened the door, I ran in just in time slammed the door and locked it.
I collapsed onto the floor. Taking deep breaths. "what happened?" My roommate asked me. I was attacked by some girl.. she had long dark hair and claws. She screamed and that made me loose my balance. "I don't like it here anymore I am leaving for good". I say to my roommate.  
Who was shacking. Our dorm room was now being knocked on by the screaming lady. I'm scared Sarah said. Me too I say as I load another magazine into my clip. "Your not going out there are you?" She asked me. "Somebody has too."  I say.
Taking the safety off. I take a couple deep breaths. Sarah runs into the closet and hides. I wait for her to shut the closet door for her safety. I stare at the door. Take another deep breath look at my gun. And open the door.
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