One Shots

This is literally just a collection of those 'Alex and Roger' one shots. Enjoy.

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Toy Soldiers

Ever since the time of Alex's grandfather, most of the rules had changed. Many of these changes were marked as revolutionary times in the history of the kingdom. However, one rule had remained unchanged since the kingdom's first heir. It was meant to preserve the dignity of the royal family. Anyone who disobeyed this golden rule was disciplined without any hesitation.

No matter the circumstances, the palace guards were never allowed to smile.

They guarded their posts showing not a trace of emotion. While the guardsmen followed the rules dictated by the king, princess Alex felt differently about the men's behaviour.

Her feelings began when she was but a young child. She was introduced to a little blonde boy who was always dressed in a crimson red sweater and a black knit cap. This boy was none other than Roger Carneigh; An aspiring foot guard and the general's son. Alex had always been fascinated with Roger's refusal to socialise with her, or even crack a grin. He always didn't the exact same boring thing; He'd sit on the rug and place his little wooden soldiers into perfect lines across the floor, pretending that Alex wasn't even there. He had no interest in the young princess; None at all.

But Alex was interested in him.

It was a bright Spring morning when she attempted to socialise with the strange lad. It started as she set up her dainty wooden table, and filling up two cups with fine cream. She eventually dragged Roger away from his toys and over to her little tea party.

"Here, Roger. Have some milk!"


It was the first time Alex had heard him speak, and he sounded anything but interested in her offerings.

"You just don't want to drink it because you don't like me!"

"No. I can't. I'm lactose intolerant."

For such a little boy, he had a rather large vocabulary. Who ever heard of a little boy who didn't like milk? Who ever heard of this strange affliction this boy spoke of? Alex just didn't understand.

While she was contemplating the meaning of the funny words spoken by Roger, he had gone back to playing with the toy soldiers. Alex skipped over to him and snatched one of the toys from Roger's nearly flawless rows.

"Hey! That's mine!"

"No. He's mine now!"

"Give him back!"


The blonde boy grabbed the head of the soldier and began trying to pull it away from the playful princess. However, the girl 's grip was strong. Eventually, the toy's head just snapped off. Roger was sent tumbling backwards as the soldier snapped in two.

Alex was completely mortified. She didn't mean to break the toy! She just wanted to play. She became even more shocked as Roger began to bawl and scream.

Great. Now she'd surely get into trouble.
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