Out Of The Black - Chris and Felix's scenes.

Out Of The Black - Chris and Felix's scenes.

Chris Hudson is a good Boy. The situation that he had gotten into has nothing to do with him, But it has a lot to do with Felix. Oh Felix. The blond sexy vamp is probably the reason why Chris had been Kidnapped by a hybrid - half vampire half werewolf. From here, their relationship depends on their survival. (BTW there are grammar mistakes, sorry. And also Felix is kind of “inspired” by a true blood character so sorry about that too.)

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Chapter 1.

Chapter one.

"Christopher?" wispered a familier voice.
I turned around to see Felix looking at me, pattrefied. for once, I was more then happy to see him.
In that excact moment I realized that I'm going to be fine, that I'm getting out of this awful place, finally -
Which is probabaly why i lost consciousness at that same moment.

My head aches. Something is tickeling my lips. I open my eyes in fear of it being some kind of an incect, but all I can see is... well, nothing.
"Relax, you're biting my hand, and it's kind of unpleasent." says a grumpy voice. Then I remember being rescued by Felix. I feel a little shiver in my spine
When I realize that he is feeding me of his blood, meaning the tickling thing was his hairy hand.
As my sight comes back to it's fullest, he pulles his hand away from me and my lips feels the abscens of the tickle. I close my eyes for a second,
Very aware of his face staring at mine, and listening to his gentle breaths.
"You okay Hudson?"
I open my eyes. He is leaning over my face, observing me.
One strand of his perfectly brushed blond hair is dangeling down his forehead.
"Yeah," I say, even though I'm not.
I can see he's not quite buying it, but then he shrugs when he realizes he doesn't actualy care.
"Can I get you something?"
"Where are we?"
"just some motel down 29th rode. that's the farest I could get without that tracker on your leg burning you to ashes," He said.
"that what on my leg?"
I looked down at my legs.
The left one had some kind of a metalic braclet on it. I tried tearing it down, but it started heating up until it acually started burning my leg.
"Been there, tried that." Felix mummbeled out of the glass of water he was eagerly drinking. "Trust me, if I couldn't get it off you without making your leg BBQ,
neither can you." He said and then took a big sip of water.
'Great', I thought. Now I'm stuck in this stupid motel with a thousand year old grumpy vampire.
I also noticed that our motel room had only one bed. "Um.. Where are you going to sleep excsacly?" I asked, hoping the answer would be on the floor.
"Well, I'm going to sleep on the bed. You can join me if you want to, or, if you're feeling 'uncomfortable-'" He pronounced 'uncomfortable'
Like a little child. "-you may take the floor."
I sighed, and he looked at me with contempt. For a second I looked at his eyes. The same eyes that
cried down in that Dungeon where Jake took his last breath.
They looked so cold and angry, but I knew It was all just a show. He cared.
He was caring and gental and warm, but he tried to hide it as much as he possibly can.
It made me wander, why?
"What are you looking at, Hudson?"
I knew I was about to ask something that I shouldn't.
"Why are you pretending to be a sociopath?"
oh no.
"excuse me?" Something shifted in his eyes. I realized I have no way out of this now, so I contuniued-
"Why don't you let people see the good in you?"
He stopped and looked at me. For a couple of seconds I was sure he's going to tear my head of my shoulders,
But he just sighed. "When people see good they expect good," He frowned at the empty glass. "and I don't want to live by anyone's expectations."
He set next to me. I felt his weight on the chip motel's bed as he moved his body until he was comfortable. His arm touched mine.
I felt my heart start beating faster. 'stop!' I tried telling it, but It just kept beating, faster and faster.
I tried to move away from him, But I realized I didn't want to.
I want him. I always have. My hands started sweating, and a tickeling wormth started spreading between my legs.
He noticed that i'm nervous, and that I'm trying to keep my arm from moving, the one touching his.
He turned his head and looked at me, and I tried so hard not to look back. He touched the back of my hand and started caressing it.
For a second I let my self drown in his wormth.
But I know this is wrong. I know this isnt right. I was about to get up when he kissed me.
A long, gentle, slow kiss. It felt good, having his lips on mine, and more then that - It felt right.
So I let him kiss me again.
This time I felt his thirst. A longing, Wild kiss, which turned more and more passionet.
I let him lead as he is taking the kiss to a more sexual place, pushing his toungh in and out of my mouth. I felt like
he knew excacly what he was doing.
Teasing me,
making me ache for more,
-and I did.

I woke up. Felix is sitting in a chair next to a small round table and drinking something red from his glass.
I couldn't decide if it was blood or just wine.
"How did you sleep?" He asked without even turning his head to look at me.
Somehow he knew I was awake. That never failed to creep me out.
I looked at the alarm clock.
It's four minuts past midnight - Just ten minuts passed from when I last woke up,
and I realized that everything that happened was just a dream.
Judging by the amused look on his face, Felix knew exacly what I was confused about.
"Oh, don't worry about that, just a little side affect of the blood I gave you."
I felt a lump going down my throat, I felt so emberessed and angry.
"You know, that should probably count as sexual harssment." I said, my voice still shaky from that quirky dream I just had.
"Not if you wanted it," He got up and poured old wiskey from a fancy bottle into his empty glass. ",and I think you did."
"And what exacly makes you think that?" I asked, my cheeks started warming up.
He put the glass under his lip, and then, in one sip, emptied the whole glass into his mouth. He swalloed it without even flinching.
"Because you want me. You always have" He said with a fake british accent. It took me a second to realize that he was quoting me from the dream.
I felt an immidiate need to throw up. "You..you saw that?"
"And enjoyed evey second of it." He winked at me.
I wished the ground will open, suck me inside it and just let me die in peace, for once.
Felix set next to me on the bed. I had a little de ja vu.
I was afraid he'll say something, but he just put his head on the pillow, covered himself with my blanket and closed his blue eyes.
I watched him, knowing he might sense it, but if he did, he didn't seem to be bothered by it.
His firm jaw kept streching with evey breath he took.
His cheekbones shined to the moonlight. His blond hair looked perfect even after a long night running away from evil hybrids.
I remembered the first time I saw him. How I felt this weird wormth spreading arownd my body.
At the time I thought it was nothing, but now I know It's not. Even in my mind It's hard for me to admit,
that I'm in love with Felix Northman.
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