Faded Memories

Faded Memories

The light was yellow. I can make it. Wrong. I sped up. And the next thing I knew, all I could hear was a loud screeching noise. ©Emma Tucker, September 19, 2016

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Memories are there, even if you can't remember

Memories are there, even if you can't remember

--- It was yellow. I could make it. Or so I thought. I sped up. I'll make it, I thought. Wrong. Before I knew it all I could hear was a high pigched screeching sound. ---

"Yes?... I'm sorry, she what? Thank you we'll be on our way... mom get the car... hurry, Sam got in a wreck" I ran towards the garage, sweating like crazy. I had to admit, I don't usually get scared but it's my job to protect my little sister. 
What could have happened? I kept repeatedly asking myself. I should probably text Noah, her...  boyfriend. I stumbled on that last word. It was hard for me to believe she had a boyfriend. It seemed yesterday she was still a clumsy 13 year old trying to figure out what puberty was.

"Hey Noah" I texted
"Hey. Who is this?"
"It's jack, sam's brother."
"Oh ya! What's up?"
"Well Sam got in a wreck" I texted
He didn't respond for a while but he then texted one word, "where?"
"What?" I asked confused why he would want to know where she wrecked.
"Where is she, as of right now?"
Oh! I thought. "MountainStar hospital"
"On my way" he texted
I turned my phone off and silently sat in the back of the car, mentally screaming. She will be okay right? Wrong.
When we arrived at the hospital we heard the news we didn't want to hear.
"I'm afraid she's lost her memory, of course it is" she paused "temporary." The nurse emphasized the last word. "We evaluated her. She seems to remember you and your family members."
"And Noah?" I asked
"Who's Noah?" The nurse asked. Oh crap. Noah's going to be heart broken. "how can we get her memory back?" I asked
"Well you can start by trying to recreate memories. She is free to go but we will need her to come back sometime in the next 3 weeks so we can evaluate her and see her progress"
"Okay." I sighed. How will I tell Noah?
Noah arrived at the hospital. "Hey" I said. He had this distressed look on his face like he hadn't had coffee in forever nor slept.
"Where is she?" He asked
"I don't think you should see her" I said. His face grew angry.
"I have a right to see my girlfriend"
"I know and I'm not disrespecting that" I said as I hushed a bit to continue my sentence "it's just- well- um." I said rubbing the back of my neck
"What is it?"
"She doesn't remember you." I blurted out
Noah didn't say anything. He just fell to the floor. He wasn't one for talking, especially in these types of situations, considering that he was an introvert, along with my sister.
Noah curled up into a ball and cried. I sat down next to him, saying nothing, hoping that my presence would comfort him.
After about ten minutes of just sitting there I spoke up "it's only temporary you know?"
"What?" He said sobbing.
"Ya, its temporary. The nurse said that her memory could be gained back by recreating memories and trying to get her to remember them."
"That's good" he mumbled under his breath
"Do you have any ideas?" I asked
Noah just shrugged. "A few." He said. Noah knew none of the ones he thought of would work, but one could do it. The problem was, she probably wouldn't want to kiss a complete "stranger". He'd have to ask her out again, take her on lots of dates, and grow closer to her before that could happen.
"What are you thinking of?" I asked
"The time we kissed" Noah said
"You kissed?" I asked very shocked as to why my sister would never tell me this.
"Ya. And it was amazing. It was on a beach about 2 weeks ago. We were sitting in the sand watching the sunset and then it just happened. It was quite amazing. I never realized how amazing she was until that moment."
I had never realized how much he loves her. This was more than just getting her memory back. She needed to remember Noah. It wasn't an option.
"Let's go see her" I said
"But she won't remember me."
"Doesn't matter. The first step to recreating that kiss you two had is introducing yourself and what better time. Just be calm and patient with her."
He nodded his head and we walked into her room.
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