the girl

read this book to find out what happens while the girl grows up her name is alice with a kind heart and a british accsent

published on September 13, 201613 reads 7 readers 1 completed
Chapter 1.
the beggining of alice dawn alberson

the beggining of alice dawn alberson

one day a girl was born. she wasnt normal like other kids. she leared super fast and she loved to read when she was one.her name is alice dawn albertson. she grew fast  so she was really 3 when she grew to be 5. she hated being called a baby but when she grew to be 7 she fell and got knoked out. she dosnet know she is in the hospital. where am i ? she stated in her mind while she realized she grew to be 20.then she jumed when a guy came up on her and said "hey i knew you would be here i missed you do much " ahhh !! she screamed in loud horror i dont know you ! she yelled but he interuped at know- me yea i know but i know you from a long time ago. . . she fell asleep in her mind when she didnt know she was in the hospital
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Good job
on September 13, 2016