Daphne's curse

Daphne's curse

A scooby doo fanfic i made about a year ago. hope you enjoy this random fanfic i made! (Oh btw it might be slightly cringy..)

published on October 20, 201714 reads 5 readers 0 completed
Chapter 1.

Daphne and the gang

This is so weird how are there no monsters?! asked Fred
like i like it! No monsters no monster chases! laughed shaggy
ra ro ronsters! said scooby
I will have to agree with Freddy on this one.. said Velma
uh.. i don't know who i agree with.. said Daphne
all of a sudden a paper flies in Fred's face
roh ro.. said scooby
like you said it scoob... said shaggy
finally some excitement! said Velma
aww man and i was just planning a week of shopping.. said Daphne in a slightly saddened tone
come on gang lets go! I already have a trap in mind! said Freddy happily
oh yay.. Daphne Velma Scooby and Shaggy said at once in a sarcastic tone
aww come on gang you know how important the traps are! said freddy
fine.. the rest of the gang said at once.
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