Yandere: The Masked Lover

Yandere: The Masked Lover

Okay so this is a story based of the game Yandere Sim (I do not own the game and do not intend on making any profit out of this story. All rights go to Yandere Dev) Anyway this is the story about a girl who is trying to win over the affections of her Senpai. And will do anything to stop other girls, and that includes murder. After a few students start to disappear, police start investigating. Classmates start to accuse each other. Is anyone safe? Even Senpai?

published on November 14, 201537 reads 13 readers 2 not completed
Chapter 1.


I've never felt a single emotion in my life. Never. My classmates would laugh, cry and fight but, no, I didn't feel anything. When I was younger I didn't understand why and so everybody would call me a doll. I wasn't puzzled or angry it was just a name, I only realised this when they asked me. Why don't you laugh? Why is your face blank? That was when I knew I had to fit in somehow. So I decided to use eye drops as a solution for crying, laughing I try my best. But it was in my third year of high school that it happened. A transfer student had come from an all boys school, and he made me feel. He made me feel love, lust, longing and one other thing jealousy. He was popular from the day he came here to Sakura High. Many girls are bound to fall for him so I was going to stop that at once. And I wanted them to back off, for Senpai belongs to me and me alone.

I should probably tell you how I first became a Yandere. It was a month ago, wow, a lot had changed in just four weeks.

"What do you want and how did you get my number"
"I saw you stalking Kaito-senpai yesterday"
"So what, who are you?"
"I'm whom you can call Info-chan"
"I've heard about you, you sell panty shots to perverted boys and blackmail girls"
"I'm glad you've heard"
"Anyway what do you want?"
"A girl named Moi, Cheri likes Kaito and wants to confess"
"Behind the school at the cherry blossom on Friday. You're gonna have to do something if you don't want your beloved Senpai taken from you"
"She believes in that myth? Anyway, why are you telling me this?"
"I wouldn't mind if something terrible happened to Cheri-chan"
"Fine but on one condition"
"You help me, and I will get rid of Cheri for you"
"Fine, but I'll only give info on other students, anything more and you're gonna have to give me panty shots"
"See you around, Yandere-chan"
"Nice nickname don't you think? After all, it suits a person like you"
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More I NEED MORE! So good like seriously so GOOD
Thanks, I've had to take a break from writing due to exams and compilcations but i am now able to continue writing
on April 08, 2017
on August 16, 2016