The Legend of:Bear Claw

The Legend of:Bear Claw

This book is about a scary bear with sharp teeth and sharp bites.He is dangerous.Remember do not go camping in this forest.There is a chance of you seeing this big monster bear.They call him WOODLIN.This is a Legend like bigfoot just that this might be real.Warning:do not read at night this could cause major nightmares!

published on February 28, 20166 reads 3 readers 0 not completed
Chapter 1.

The Characters

1. Leader 1 Tim Crawley 21 years old
2.Leader 2 Ben Ashten 24 years old
3.Kid 1 Ashley Treen 9 years old
4.Kid 2 Drake Adam 13 years old
5.Kid 3 Alexander Gran 12 years old
6.Kid 4 Jackson Bota 10 years old
7.Kid 5 Jason Beto 11 years old
8.Kid 6 Adam Kinley 9 years old     
9.Kid 7 Katy Alanny 13 years old
10.Kid 8 Haley Well 12 years old
11.Kid 9 Lizzy Dun 11 years old
12.Kid 10 Samantha Liken 10 years old
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