Jenna Westwood: For all the jenna westwood fans!

This is not actually a Jenna westwood story but if you are a fan of jenna westwood, Read!

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Chapter 1.

Thanks a bunch!

Thanks a bunch for a load of things including:

Reading this, and the actual story's - All of you are so kind to take the time to read my rubbish little story's but thanks anyway!

Rating them 5 out of 5 - That for me is amazing because I'm not good at story's so yeah! ;D

The amazing comments! - Well, not a lot of you comment but there is a certain user who comments on every story! Thanks! :D

The only thing i want - All i want you to do now is to give me ideas for jenna westwood story's! Yeah i make my own up and you seem to like them?! But i want to know what you want to read about! If you want one of your ideas, put into a jenna story, Comment like this example below (Email is random not real email)

                                                                                                                               Hi! My idea is that Jenna goes on holiday and the boat crashes
                                                                                                                               and she moves to a dessert island! If you like it, Email me on:
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