The monster

Siblings, Azai and Zara, venture to the mountain, where they are hunting the monster that has been attacking people.

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Chapter 1.

POV: Azai

        The forest seemed to stretch on forever. The cave still wasn’t visible. My sister, she’s taking it pretty well, but I still wish that she would’ve stayed home. But stubborn little Zara, she insisted on coming. The beast has been attacking people for at least 6 months now. “How much farther until we set up camp? The sun’s setting.” The thought of resting made my legs ache, and Zara became visibly tired as well. “The clearing’s just up here” A few minutes later, the clearing came into view. We set up camp and, within minutes, Zara fell asleep, and I began to feel sleep creep up on me as well.

Zara’s face went pale, her eyes, yellow. Her pupils thinned to just a slit. Her face was covered in blood, her clothes were stained red. Her smile was wide, too wide, too cheerful, considering the blood everywhere. Her teeth were sharp and her head twitched constantly. Her hand gripped a soaked sword. An unrecognizable figure lay slumped behind her.

        I woke up in a cold sweat. My eyes found Zara. No blood. No smile. No twitch. She was still sound asleep. I told myself that it was just a nightmare. That it wasn’t real. But it seemed so real. I shook my head. This was the fifth time I’ve had this dream. Is it really a dream?
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