Wings of Fire, Submerged in Fire

This is my own story of wings of fire, there are my own characters. Plz leave a comment down below and tell me what you think, I'm first of all putting the prologue and 2 chapters. If you want more comment down below.

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Chapter 1.


The blazing sun was far into the sky, the burning sand making no movement. Only one slight change when a dragon flew past, a SeaWing was searching for it’s captive in the desert. As the dragon flew past a sand dune, something sprung out of the sand and ran its talons across the SeaWing’s underbelly. Blood fell to the sand as the sharp talons went through the Seawing’s Underbelly, the blood started to cover the dragon that attacked.
        The dragon's scales shift back to its normal color, blood red scales and a tan underbelly appearing. The dragon's talons were dark red from attacking the SeaWing.
        “Princess FireWake, why don’t you come with me back to the palace,” said the SeaWing, still flying in the air.
FireWake started to laugh. “You really think that I’m going to go with this flimsy, pathetic dragon just to be captured and stuck in a cell. Well you got the wrong idea buddy boy,” replied FireWake.
“Then if you won’t come with me, I’ll take you with force,” the SeaWing growled.
“Come and try to beat me, I’ll easily snap your neck in a flap of a wing,” FireWake said.
The SeaWing dove towards FireWake, talons outstretched ready to slice her to bits. As the SeaWing was just about to touch her tail, FireWake sidestepped, and clawed at the SeaWings wing. The SeaWing cried out in pain as FireWake’s talons went through his fragile wings, tearing a massive hole into the wing.
“Oh, did I hurt you, sorry not sorry,” taunted FireWake.
The SeaWing pounced at FireWake while she was taunting him, he pushed his talons hard into her scales. FireWake fell back, holding her talons to her bloody left eye. FireWake looked furious, she jolted her tail into the SeaWing.
“I guess you didn’t know, but I’m just like a SandWing, I have a poisonous tail that can pierce straight through anyone,” whispered FireWake, she pulled her tail out of him and flew away, holding her talons to her forever scarred eye. Flying back to the SandWing palace, to greet her mother’s arrival from war.
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