Another Hunter

Another Hunter

I know I know, a lot of Castiel fan fictions, but this one is very in depth. Let me know if you like it!!!

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Chapter 1.

Ch. 1

I tossed the bag onto my bed. I move quietly, grabbing my note books and text books. I count off and add my black books and pens. I grab the knife set from my closet and the large jar of rock salt. My iron stake goes into the bag as well. I grab clothes, my two favorite pairs of blue jeans, one skinny leg and one boot cut. I also grab my black dress pants. I crab a green tank top, a black lace on, a few black tee shirts as well as a couple button ups in white, black, and green. I also grab my tie and a belt.
        My box of fake IDs also goes into my bag. The other necessities go in as well. You know, socks, panties and such. I also add eyeliner, mascara, and other make up effects with hair stuff. I makes sure I have everything before putting my case in too. It has a small hand gun in it. I pull on an outfit. Simple, but good for the occasion. A pair of jeans and a tank top, my dad's jean jacket and black leather jacket. I pull on my ankle lace up boots. I put my tennis shoes into my duffel bag as well.
        I head down stairs and steal a hoard of money and put it with my hoard of money. For two years I've been pick pocketing everyone and saving my money. I have about two grand insurance to take. My first order of business is getting out of her.
        I discovered my true calling when my mom was killed by a demon. My father and I have been hunting since. I was just barely fourteen when she was possessed and stabbed herself to save me from being killed. I'm almost seventeen. My birthday is next week. I'm home alone. My dad leaves me home to go to school during the school year. But I'm tired of being sidelined for education. I know all I need to know to live on my own, so with laptop and cell phone packed into my bag as well, I scrawl a quick note.
        I'm going out on my own to kill these things. I'm tired of being sidelined. Don't try and find me. I love you. Be safe
        I put it in a place he'll see and walk out the door. I tuck the necklace he gave me into my shirt. I let a tear slip out of my eye before flinging the back door open and walking out. I walk down the driveway and head toward the main roads.
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